Connection to an existing process

Different modes of launching applications

Agilitest is a multi-channel solution that allows you to connect to multiple channels simultaneously for different types of applications:

  • Web Channels: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Opera: by opening a channel on one of the browsers, then by performing a navigation action on a URL.
  • Desktop Channels: All types of applications compiled for Windows. Just select the executable file directly in the opening action of the channel (.EXE).
  • Android Channels: All applications running on Android devices, including those offered by the operating system. In this case, the selection of the application goes through a connection to the terminal via "ATS Mobile Station", which then allows access to the list of all installed applications.
  • SOAP or JSON web service channels: The web service is selected when the channel opens, and navigation allows you to call specific services.

My application does not fit in any of these cases !

For each of the situations described above, it is Agilitest that launches the tested application because it is its nominal operation.

In some cases, it is not possible to have Agilitest launch the application to test, this can occur for example in the following cases:

  • Launching an application with a .bat file initializing environment variables before launching the .exe. In this case it is not possible to run the .exe directly. (in fact you can use an Agilitest java call to do it).
  • Launching the application on Windows startup by a service. However, the application must have a graphic window on which to act.
  • Using a specific Windows application to perform certain operations as part of a general end-to-end test (for example: Explorer.exe).

The solution

To use an existing process as an Agilitest test channel, the trick is to identify it among the processes running on the test machine. Here's how to do it:

  • Create a channel open action
  • Specify the name of the process to hang on to starting with process://

The use of regular expressions is possible to specify the name of the application concerned, for example:


Connect to an existing processus

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