Element "Not found"

It can happen in test automation that an element is no longer recognized during an execution due to modifications made in the software.  

To fix it, AGILITEST allows direct adjustment of tests in the editor.

Location and analysis

The user can use the video of execution of the failed test and / or an illustrated report to understand and locate the recognition failure. There are then two possibilities:

  • The element initially sought no longer exists in the software tested.
  • The element initially sought does exist but is no longer recognized.

Fix the test

If the element sought no longer exists:

  • The test can be modified by deleting this action directly by "right click" via the test editor.
Delete an action
  • The user checks the previous, linked and following actions in the test execution, if necessary.
  • Save the modification.

If the element sought exists well but is no longer recognized:

  • A modification of the test is therefore necessary via in particular an update of the recognition criteria for this element from the AGILITEST editor.
  • For this AGILITEST indicates precisely which attribute is not found to locate this element.
Find the element not found  
  • Then open the capture mode via the editor.
  • Hover over this item again on the software to be tested.
  • Push the CTRL button to capture the element

Reselection of the missing element
  • Adjusts the detection attributes (it is possible to use "Regular Expression" on each attribute for robustness purposes)
Selection of identification criteria
  • Validate the uniqueness of detection via the incorporated statistical test.

Validation of the uniqueness of the component

Drag & Drop these new attributes on the action concerned by this "non detection" in order to update it.

The new identification is implemented
  • Save the change.
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