Manage execution suites

You can watch our tutorial or you can go through our documentation about scripts management:

How to manage execution suites

Execution suites are very useful for defining test selection criteria that differentiate tests from each other, or to bring them together by identical domains: functional, importance and priority during replay, typing, execution environments, etc.

These groups of executions are independent of the directories in which the tests are recorded.

To define a group, go to the executions of the project and click on "Add" in the Groups tab.

Groups of a project

Subsequently, the group becomes accessible to all the tests of the project.

Add a group

To affiliate a test to a group, simply open the tab "Script header data"

Script header data

All of the script information is then displayed along with the available groups for that script.

Just select the desired group and save your script.

Selection of a group

Subsequently, this group can be used to define a run, and your test will be replayed automatically when the run is replayed.

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