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What is JxBrowser?

JxBrowser is an application layer for integrating modern web pages, containing HTML, CSS and Javascript, into Java applications. It allows building GUI of your cross-desktop application using any popular HTML5 UI toolkit. You can also use recent HTML5 toolboxes to produce java applications running on multiple platforms. JxBrowser is based on the open-source Chromium project that includes the source code and libraries written by developers in the Chromium community.

JxBrowser is a powerful library that allows developers to embed a web browser component into their Java applications. With JxBrowser, developers can easily display and interact with web content in their Java applications, making it easy to create rich, modern user interfaces. The library is based on the Chromium project, which provides the underlying rendering engine and feature set for JxBrowser. This allows developers to take advantage of the latest web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, without having to worry about cross-browser compatibility issues.

One of the key features of JxBrowser is its ability to interact with web pages using the Java programming language. This allows developers to call JavaScript functions and access the Document Object Model (DOM) of web pages directly from their Java code. This can be useful for automating interactions with web pages or for building custom UIs on top of existing web pages.

In addition to its web rendering capabilities, JxBrowser also provides a number of other useful features, such as support for proxy settings, cookies, and browser extensions. This allows developers to customize the behavior of the embedded browser to meet the needs of their specific application.

Overall, JxBrowser is a great choice for developers who want to add web browsing functionality to their Java applications. With its powerful features and support for modern web technologies, JxBrowser can help developers create engaging and interactive user interfaces that run on multiple platforms.

How to setup JXBrowser?

Configuring JXBrowser requires adding a new driver-browser pair to your Agilitest .atsProperties configuration file. This file is by default in the following directory: your user directory, followed by .actiontestscript).

You must add a <browser> section as follows:


  1. <name> is the name you want to print in Agilitest
  2. <driver> : Download the latest Selenium driver for Chromium integrated with JXBRowser, available at:

The drivers directory containing the correctly renamed chromedriver driver

3. Unzip the driver file and copy the file "chromedriver.exe" into the installation directory of Agilitest drivers (by default: your user directory, followed by .actiontestscript/drivers).

4. The file "chromedriver.exe" should be renamed by the name of the driver you gave in your configuration file (in this case jxbrowser.exe, but you can give the name you want as long as it does not impact the Chrome driver and the .exe file matches what is configured in the .atsProperties file).

5. <path>: path to the executable that launches your JXBrowser application

6. The configuration of JXBrowser must allow remote debugging on port 9222. (

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