Channel opening failure

What to do when my AGILITEST editor does not allow me to open a test and capture channel: nothing happens when I open a channel.

Types of channel opening problems

If it's a JDK problem, then:

  • Follow the dedicated user guide available in the User Guide - First Time Installation section to verify that the Java has been installed.

If it is a problem of drivers and / or libraries (file blocked by firewall or antivirus) in case there are two possible solutions :

1- Repeat the operation making sure that the blocking does not repeat (temporary neutralization of the antivirus)

  • Close Agilitest
  • Access the user folder on your machine to manually delete both "drivers" and "libs" folders
  • Re-open Agilitest to force a regeneration of files with the latest versions available in SAAS
Automatic update of ATS components

2- Use the manual package download function to deploy it yourself in the later directories:

  • Via the "Configurations" menu, download the zipped package of Drivers and Libraries
Manual download of ATS components
  • The archive "" will be automatically downloaded via your default browser
  • Unzip this archive "" which contains the folders "drivers" and "libs" in your own user folder type
  • C:\User\your_account\.actiontestscript
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