"text" attributes in element recognition

Warning about text attributes

We recommend using the "text" attributes of an item on which you want to automate an action only when you can't do otherwise for the following reasons:

  • The recognition of the item no longer works in a multilingual context of your solution.
  • Some browsers are case-sensitive (and some are not), so a capital letter tends to decrease the robustness and portability of your test.
  • The management of line breaks and / or spaces may differ from one browser to another.

However, these "text" attributes will be the only attributes available to recognize an element.

Once you have selected the "text" attribute, you can click on it to edit the content: we have added some options allowing you an automatic edition of the values ​​with regular expressions useful to prevent the latter issues.

Select an element using its text : click on the regular expression check

Automatically add the regular expression to manage the case in mutli-navigators

After activation: the spaces are replaced by \s* and the string begins with (? i)

Subsequently, AGILITEST will not take into account the spaces and the case on these elements of recognition whatever browsers used to further increase the robustness of your automated functional tests.

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