Agility Maturity Cards

Test your knowledge in Agility. Challenge your teams. Improve your projects and deliverables quality.
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1 deck
5 categories
90 detailed cards

How does the Agility Maturity Cards work?

Whether you have a physical or online version of the cards, everyone can play!

Challenge your team

Each card summarizes a practice related to agility, continuous improvement or testing and can be used to help you move your teams forward at their own pace. 


Test your knowledge

Each card has a QR code that links to a detailed concept sheet - close to a "state of the art" with adherences to aspects of testing.

Improve your IT projects

Adapt these concepts to your organization and culture. Start improving your organisations and work in Agile mode!

Made by Agile expert for Agile teams

  • You are part of a testing, development or IT team?
  • You want to lower your development cycles and risks?
  • You want to improve on delivery and test quality?

"I designed the Agility Maturity Cards to enable any teams to improve the way they work on projects. Tell me how you test, I'll tell you how much you are agile."

Christophe Moustier
Test Booster, Agile expert & Speaker