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We believe in test automation for everyone.


75% of test automation costs go to test maintenance. This has to change.

With Agilitest, test maintenance is REALLY reduces to a minimum - and when maintenance has to be conducted it's done in no time thanks to our innovative test editor. 
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We’re young but have already reached some huge milestones.

Meet the Management Team

30+ years combined of experience in the test industry.

Christophe Cressend

Founder & CEO

Pierre Huber

Founder & CTO

Discover the values driving us

Deeply engrained in Agilitest’s DNA is the conviction that innovation must serve a simple and intuitive user experience, always.


Enable a widespread adoption of Agile

We believe that Agility, DevOps andContinuous Delivery are the future of IT development and that their deployment deserves to be supported by tools that are stable, robust, efficient and easy to maintain. These tools are key to ensure widespread adoption of these approaches by entire companies.


Limit manual testing to a minimum

We are convinced that humans are not made to perform repetitive and unrewarding tasks. A tester should never have to replay manual tests indefinitely. Our wish is to reduce the quantity of manual tests to the strict minimum so that testers have more time to discuss with other members of the development team and explore test scenarios that are as close as possible to a real end-user experience.


Bring happiness to dev teams

We want to bring happiness to our users.Whether they are developers or functional testers, we’re striving to offer them a tailor-made user experience, a tool that they enjoy using, an approach that simplifies their lives.


Shed light on the value of the tester’s job

We believe in a pacified dialogue between developers and functional experts, centered on the user experience of the application they are developing. We believe that establishing this dialogue requires the ability of functional testers to create, maintain and run automatic functional tests themselves.


Offer a free and future-proof test framework

We are driven by a strong desire to contribute to the testers community, to whom we want to offer a test framework, that is powerful, but also open and sustainable over time. This is why our tests are published in the ATS language, an Open Source language available under the Apache 2.0 license. Replaying a test scenario built with Agilitest is free and will always be.

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