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Release bug-free client-server applications and components with automated web service functional testing. 

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Flaky tests (false positives)
Saved in test maintenance costs
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Increase the quality of web services

Proving end-to-end functionality between communicating systems is always a challenging obstacle - as security, performance and usability issues are. 
This time is over. Easily create, automate and maintain tests for web service with Agilitest.

Reduce maintenance

Easily create and maintain functional scenarios of web service applications under development. Maintaining test cases can be a challenge as the requirements and components can change frequently.

Improve coverage

Add depth to your tests by replaying them on extended data to cover complex user paths. Make sure your application is compatible with the latest technologies, protocols and components.

Limit regressions

Accelerate the delivery of web services updates, modifications and release with confidence. Seamlessly manage regressions and get rid of flaky tests.  

Save time and money

Reduce the time and cost of writing tests by pooling functional test modules. Create complex and scalable automated user interface tests. Run automatically as part of a continuous integration (CI) after each new build or release.

Ease collaboration

Remove siloes between dev and testers teams. Agilitest intuitive and no-code platform enables people with different skills and expertise to work efficiently together and automate web service testing. 

Agilitest no-code test automation platform supports web service testing 

Agilitest is an intuitive suite so that everyone can automate web service functional tests at scale.

Compatible with SOAP and REST

See the results of your tests in an internal web service result viewer

Easy handling of data & subscripts libraries 

Powerful locator for robust test maintenance 

“Today we have implemented a continuous integration chain with over a hundred scenarios that are automatically tested every night.”

Yves Darmaillac
Technical Director, Arone

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Frequently asked questions about web service testing.

What is web service testing? 

Web services testing assesses the function that application is supposed to provide. Testers check if a web service can provide a client application the response it needs.Web Services Testing is a type of software testing that validates Web services. The purpose of Web Services Testing is to check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of an API (Application Program Interface). 

What are web services testing challenges?

Mobile testing challenges can include:
- Complexity: Testing a web service can be complex, as it involves multiple components, protocols, and technologies.
- Performance: Web services need to be tested for performance, scalability, and reliability.
- Security: Testing the security of web services is critical, as they may contain sensitive information and be vulnerable to attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).
- Interoperability: Web services need to be tested to ensure that they are compatible with different platforms, technologies, and devices.
- Data quality: The data returned by web services must be accurate, consistent, and free of errors.
- Latency: Web services must be tested for response time, as latency can impact the user experience and the overall performance of the application.
- Load testing: Web services need to be tested under heavy load conditions to ensure that they can handle high volumes of traffic and requests.
- Error handling: The error handling mechanisms of web services need to be tested to ensure that they can handle and respond to errors and exceptions in a graceful manner.
- Usability: The usability of web services must be tested to ensure that they are easy to use, understand, and navigate.
- User authentication and authorization: The authentication and authorization mechanisms of web services must be tested to ensure that they are secure and provide the required level of access control.

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