Professional Services

Benefit from our team’s experience with complex functional test scenarios and advanced use cases to support your daily challenges and objectives.

Professional services for smarter test automation

Agilitest encourages companies to put their customer at the heart of the validation process and gather different profiles to work on test automation together: business experts, manual testers, automation trainers. The gains are significant in terms of time, efficiency, precision and team balance.
We offer support through a catalog of professional services, each adapted to a particular phase of functional test automation projects.Our teams, made up of software quality professionals trained in our methods and tools, will guide you with proposals adapted to your context.

Included support for all

Customer success is our first priority. We are proud to say that all our clients have renewed or even increased their subscriptions for the past 3 years.

Kickoff & onboarding

Get started with Agilitest and be sure to enjoy all the platform’s capabilities. We help you create one or several tests and to understand Agilitest’ main features and reports, setups, and key indicators. Up to half a day through video chat with one of our test consultants during your free 30-day evaluation period.

VIP support

Benefit from direct and responsive support from our in-house consultants and R&D teams using our Slack channel. We solve everyday issues when they crop up. There are no questions or bugs left behind.

Free resources

Browse our documentation to access up-to-date and growing knowledge base based on real customer questions. Or head to our blog to discover our client’s success stories, hands-on articles or watch our latest webinars.

Training & certification

Leverage your use of Agilitest software with extensive training and smart automated testing methods. Become an Agilitest certified users.
Agilitest certified

Falco Level

• 101 training / 2 days
• Up to 6 people - Onsite or remotely
• Qualiopi certified & OPCO eligible
Master the main features and understand the tool philosophy, with the aim of making any profile, whether technical or functional, autonomous in the design, implementation and industrialization of automated tests

Peregrine Level

• Advanced training - 2 days
• Up to 6 people - Onsite or remotely
• Qualiopi certified & OPCO eligible
Dig into Agilitest advanced functionalities, aimed at profiles initiated to the tool, with the aim of variabilizing and factoring the test scripts to bring depth of reusability in your tests.

On-demand POC, assistance & workshops

Benefit from advanced assistance and services on Agilitest’s platform for increased performance and ROI. 

Proof of Concept

Validate with a Proof of Concept the feasibility of deploying Agilitest on a pilot project with a test consultant

• Up to 5 days over a period of 1 month
• Quick overview of your software quality assessment process and organization
• Identification of POC scope and objectives
• Representative, complete and complex functional tests setup
• Test results screening and explanation

Agile workshops

Benefit from our Agile experts to get recommendations in the transformation, implementation of methods and acquisition of a more agile culture. 

• Up to 1 day per month in the growth phase of the project performed by a senior software quality assessment and Agile methodologies consultant
• Definition of a validation strategy related to your software production process and validation based on Agile testing methods
• Synthesis in the form of a recommendation sheet for use and improvement

Test review

Ask our team to conduct regular reviews of your Agilitest tests and get recommendations for use, improvement or modification.

• Up to 1 day per month recommended in the growth phase of the project
• Test base analysis (number of tests, granularity, complexity, use of data)
• Environments analysis (replay of tests, execution groups)
• Specific report on how to improve your usage of Agilitest, followed by an action plan

CI server setup

Benefit from a continuous integration server available to your teams and regularly replaying the tests. 

• Up to 2 days to deploy a Jenkins continuous integration server
• Server setup to allow the launch of Agilitest’ ATS tests 
• Creation of one or more test projects and reports tailored to your needs

"The responsiveness of the support and the quality of the advice provided are also the reason why we renewed our subscription this year."

Claire Fernandez
IT Project Manager @ ANDRA

Partner program

For other testing activities - like long-term test automation - we have a network of trusted partners who share the same values in terms of methodologies and technologies. Our partners rely on Agilitest approved testers to deploy our solutions and methodologies in the long term.

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