Agilitest for Testers

Agilitest was created for functional testers: to make their job easier, more efficient, more interesting – but also more fun.
“So intuitive we really do use it."
Béatrice Aubry,
Functional Validation Consultant, UP Coop

You can now automate tests without the help of a developer

It was about time. In the no-code era, testers should have access to tools that can automate their tests without having to ask for help from a developer. Agilitest does just that.

Less dependency from developers means more autonomy, but it also means you can now discuss with developers on a peer level.

Create automated tests intuitively, maintain them easily

No need to spend hours on set up or training: installation takes two minutes – no server is required – and you’re ready to go!

With our powerful component identification technology, you can automate your tests in minutes. You have full control on how your components are identified, and as a consequence software refactoring has less impact on testing – which also means less test maintenance.

And if maintenance was to be required, our unique editing mode and integrated replays makes it super easy and fast.

A stable and reliable test environment

Not only Agilitest delivers super fast test execution, it contains cutting-edge mechanisms to prevent you from getting flaky tests. This means higher test volumes, without having to analyze why the test failed for no reason.

And when you do get a KO, analyzing the reason for this KO is facilitated by video replays and detailed PDF reports.

Packed with features you're gonna love

Our team strives everyday to provide testers with a cutting-edge custom experience, a tool that testers love to use and that simplifies their lives.

State-of-the-art mechanisms to prevent flaky tests
Easy to learn, understand and use, even for non developers
Same UX for every channel you test + cross-channel capabilities
On-demand test reports that are easy to configure
Enhanced collaboration with Developers and Product Owners
Unique editing mode: modify tests while you replay them

We help your amigos too

QA Manager

Product Owner


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