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Improve mobile experience with automated functional testing across any mobile applications, browsers or devices. 

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Flaky tests (false positives)
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Increase the quality and speed up the delivery of mobile testing activities

Mobile functional testing can be challenging due to compatibility issues across different applications, browsers and devices. Also, keeping up with the latest mobile technologies and frameworks and maintaining test cases as requirements and design change frequently is time consuming. 
This time is over. Easily create, automate and maintain mobile functional tests with Agilitest.

Reduce maintenance

Easily create and maintain functional scenarios of mobile applications under development. Maintaining test cases can be a challenge as the requirements and design can change frequently.

Improve coverage

Add depth to your tests by replaying them on extended data to cover complex user paths with multiple devices, applications and browsers. Perform end-to-end testing processes involving web, desktop, and mobile scenarios.

Limit regressions

Accelerate the delivery of mobile updates, modifications and release with confidence. Seamlessly manage regression mobile testing and get rid of flaky tests.  

Save time and money

Reduce the time and cost of writing tests by pooling functional test modules. Create complex and scalable automated user interface tests. Run automatically as part of a continuous integration (CI) after each new build or release candidate.

Remove siloes

Test and deploy applications on app stores in a completely automated way, without the need for any manual intervention.

Agilitest no-code test automation platform supports mobile functional testing 

Agilitest is an intuitive suite so that everyone can automate mobile functional tests at scale.

Validate in a single test on your mobile app and website

Compatible with iOS & Android applications (mobile & tablet)

Automation flows on emulators (Genymotion)

Powerful locator for robust test maintenance 

“Today we have implemented a continuous integration chain with over a hundred scenarios that are automatically tested every night.”

Yves Darmaillac
Technical Director, Arone

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Frequently asked questions about mobile testing.

What is a mobile functional testing? 

Mobile functional testing is the process of testing the functionality of a mobile application to ensure that it meets the specified requirements and performs as expected. It involves testing the app's features, functionality, and user interface to identify any defects or bugs. The goal of functional testing is to validate that the app works correctly and meets the expectations of its users. This includes testing the app's behavior in different scenarios and conditions, such as network connectivity changes, device compatibility, and user interactions. The testing process can be done manually or with automated testing tools and can include testing methods such as regression testing, acceptance testing, and integration testing.

What are the challenges of mobile application testing?

Mobile testing challenges can include:
- Device fragmentation: Wide variety of mobile devices, operating systems, and screen sizes make testing difficult.
- Network conditions: Fluctuations in network coverage, bandwidth, and connectivity can impact the functionality of mobile applications.
- Platform compatibility: Ensuring the compatibility of applications with different platforms and versions of operating systems.
- User interface and interaction: Testing for ease of use, intuitive navigation, and user-friendly interfaces.
- Performance: Testing for app responsiveness, speed, and stability under different conditions.
- Security: Ensuring that the app is secure and protects sensitive data.
- Battery life: Testing the app's impact on battery life and performance.
- App Store restrictions: Adhering to the guidelines and restrictions of different app stores.
- Continuous updates and maintenance: Keeping up with new versions of operating systems and devices, and ensuring that the app continues to function as expected.

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