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You love testing and want to share your experiences and knowledge? Agilitest' guest author community welcomes testing experts to evangelize software testing, automation and agile concepts!

Values and goals of Agilitest blog

Agilitest' ambition is to bring together the community of testers, developers and automation enthusiasts to share knowledge, feedback and best practices.
Whether it's about current trends or thought leadership content, anyone is welcome to share his/her/they testing experience on the blog. Help us evangelize the challenges surrounding test automation, continuous validation or software quality.

How does the guest author program work?


Make a request and pitch your article


Write your article and received feedbacks


Get your article promoted on our social accounts


I want to write for the blog but I don’t have any topic idea

No worries. We can discuss what you like (in testing, automation, software quality...) and find a topic that inspires you.

What content is accepted?

Only original and no promotional content is accepted.

How do you promote our articles?

We promote it on our social medias (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), and also in our monthly newsletter. You can also share it wherever you want as long as your mention us as the source.

Do you take care of uploading the article?

Agilitest takes care of uploading and publishing your article on the blog. Once your article is ready, we proof-read it and add it to our CMS.


Your article is your work. Agilitest hosts your article and promotes it, but the copyright is entirely yours. When you become a Guest Author, we create a ‘writer profile’ on the blog that signs all your articles. The profile is composed of your name, a picture of you, a brief description and your social networks to allow readers to know you.

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