Testing in the banking & financial sector 

Stay on the edge with financial market changes. Create and maintain complex functional tests without a single line of code.

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Facing the financial and banking testing challenges 

Automating processes in the finance and banking industry can bring interesting benefits, such as improved efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. However, it can be difficult to automate tasks that involve multiple systems and require human input. At the same time, long-time leaders are increasingly challenged by new online banking and insurances. How to stay innovative without compromising quality?

Discover Agilitest, the no-code automation platform to create, execute at scale and maintain robust functional tests.

Reduce risks

Minimize human error, detect issues at an earlier stage, and ensure adherence to regulations so you can increase confidence in the integrity of both the system and service. 

Improve time-to-market

Accelerate the delivery of softwares and technological innovations and maximize quality with a test automation solution that is easy to build, maintain, and scale.

Focus on customers

Spend more time providing quality services that delight your customers by automating tedious and repetitive tasks.

Agilitest is a no-code platform made for banking solutions

Agilitest is an intuitive suite so that everyone can create, maintain and automate functional tests at scale. 

Made for DevOps

Integrate all your test executions with your favorite CI tools to trigger test runs automatically once the build is ready. Agilitest ATS format enables maximum compatibility with most used systems (Jenkins, Maven, TestNG, etc) for BFSI software testing.

Simplified maintenance

Agilitest lets you manage regular updates in heavy regulations and compliance requirements. We got rid of Xpaths and created a much more robust way to identify the components used to run the test. Our innovative and powerful capture system makes tests less sensitive to changes in software code.

Comprehensive end-to-end testing for complex environments

Agilitest streamlines the process of end-to-end test automation by providing native support for web, desktop, web service, mobile, API and SAP technologies. With the ability to incorporate an unlimited number of technologies, a single end-to-end test can validate all aspects of a realistic business process.

Efficient reporting

Agilitest streamlines test execution and reporting to enhance collaboration, productivity, and precision. Its video replays, XML and PDF reports enable faster and more continuous feedback loops throughout the pipeline.

Handle SAP complexity

SAP is a pillar of most financial institutions with its loads of complex updates. Agilitest for SAP makes automated functional SAP tests a no brainer.

"We managed to reduce our regression tests load by 60%"

Stephane Pyla, IT Project Manager at FLOA

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Agilitest covers your testing use cases

Regression testing

How to manage regression testing with better, smarter and more robust test automation.

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Continuous testing

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Multi-device testing

How to automate multi-device testing for better path coverage and reduced costs.

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Legacy testing

How to leverage legacy testing applications for better, safer and more robust test validation at lower costs.

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Test maintenance

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Test coverage

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Frequently asked questions about testing for banking domain application.

What are the testing challenges for banking institutions?

There are multiple challenges when it comes to the banking and financial sectors.

• Compliance and regulatory requirements: Banks are heavily regulated, and the software they use must comply with a wide range of regulations and standards. Ensuring compliance and keeping up with changes in regulations can be a significant challenge for testing teams.

• Data security: Banks deal with sensitive customer information, and their software must be tested to ensure that it is secure and that customer data is protected. This involves testing for vulnerabilities and ensuring that the software complies with data protection laws.

• Complex systems and integrations: Banks have complex IT systems with multiple components and integrations with other systems. This complexity makes testing more challenging as there are many potential points of failure, and it can be difficult to identify and isolate issues. Additionally, testing changes to one system can have a ripple effect on other systems, so testing needs to be carefully coordinated.

Why are BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) systems so complex?

BFSI softwares are complex to test due to multiple reasons:
• Large scale: Banking systems typically deal with a large volume of data and transactions, and they are often used by many people simultaneously. This means that the systems need to be able to handle high traffic and process large amounts of data efficiently.

• Security requirements: Banks deal with sensitive financial and personal data, so their systems need to be highly secure to protect against fraud and other types of attacks. This requires robust security measures such as encryption, authentication, and access control, which can add complexity to the system.

• Compliance requirements: Banks are heavily regulated, and their systems need to respect  a lot of regulations and standards. It adds complexity to the system as compliance requirements often imply additional functionality or changes to existing processes.

Legacy systems: Many banks have been in operation for decades and have built up a complex technology infrastructure over time. This can include legacy systems that are outdated and difficult to integrate with newer technologies. Upgrading or replacing these systems can be a significant challenge and require a careful approach to avoid disrupting operations.

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