Testing in the Public Sector

Ensure service quality and reduce costs for public softwares, applications and websites. Easily create and maintain robust functional tests for the public sector.

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The challenges of functional testing in the public sector 

Public sector software is often used by a wide range of users, including citizens, government employees, and other stakeholders. Handling costs and offering the best service quality and user experience is mandatory. Automating software testing enables testers to improve testing accuracy in order to offer the best user experience and to reduce testing costs. 

Discover Agilitest, the no-code automation platform to create, execute at scale and maintain robust functional tests.

Reduce risks

Minimize human error, detect issues at an earlier stage, and ensure adherence to regulations so you can increase confidence in the integrity of both the system and service. 

Improve quality

Accelerate the delivery of softwares and service updates to improve quality and user experience with a test automation solution that is easy to build, maintain, and scale.

Facilitate team work

Enable business profiles, QA teams and developers to contribute to test automation easily - for better tests, faster validation, and zero flaky tests. 

Agilitest is a no-code platform made for the public sector

Agilitest is an intuitive suite so that everyone can create, execute and maintain automated functional tests at scale. 

Made for DevOps

Integrate all your test executions with your favorite CI tools to trigger test runs automatically once the build is ready. Agilitest ATS format enables maximum compatibility with most used systems (Jenkins, Maven, TestNG, etc) for BFSI software testing.

Simplified maintenance

Agilitest lets you manage regular updates in heavy regulations and compliance requirements. We got rid of Xpaths and created a much more robust way to identify the components used to run the test. Our innovative and powerful capture system makes tests less sensitive to changes in software code.

End-to-end testing for complex environments

Using no-code design, you can automate across any technology. This includes business legacy softwares, SAP applications, web-based and mobile platforms, and web services. All of these can serve your customers. Designed for the modern enterprise testing environment, it offers a single platform to cover all functional testing scenarios without limitations.  

Efficient reporting

Agilitest streamlines test execution and reporting to enhance collaboration, productivity, and precision. Its video replays, XML and PDF reports enable faster and more continuous feedback loops throughout the pipeline.

Data-driven testing

SAP is a pillar of most financial institutions with its loads of complex updates. Agilitest for SAP makes automated functional SAP tests a no brainer. 

"Our customers satisfaction has increased due to the quality of the service provided"

Jean-Michel, Director of Operations and Founder at axYus
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Frequently asked questions about testing for the public sector.

What are the test challenges for the public sector?

There are multiple challenges when it comes to public organizations:

• Complex regulatory requirements: The public sector is subject to complex regulatory requirements that may vary from one jurisdiction to another. Testing software to ensure compliance with these regulations can be challenging.

• Data security: The public sector handles sensitive data that must be protected from unauthorized access. Testing software to ensure data security is a critical challenge.

• Legacy systems: Many public sector organizations have legacy systems that were developed many years ago. These systems may be outdated and difficult to test, making it challenging to ensure that new software integrates well with them.

• Budget constraints: Public sector organizations often have limited budgets to work with, which can make it difficult to invest in the latest testing tools and technologies.

• Interoperability: Public sector organizations often work with multiple systems and platforms, which can create interoperability issues that can be challenging to test.

• User acceptance: Public sector software must be designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of users, from government officials to the general public. Testing software to ensure user acceptance can be challenging.

Accessibility: Public sector software must also be accessible to people with disabilities, which can create additional testing challenges.

Can Agilitest test public organizations softwares, applications and websites?

Yes, Agilitest can be used to test public organization websites. Agilitest is a test automation tool that can automate functional and regression tests for web applications, including those used by public organizations. It can simulate user interactions with a website and validate that the website behaves as expected. To test a public organization website with Agilitest, you would first need to create a test scenario that covers the desired functionality of the website. This scenario can be created using the Agilitest capture tool. Once the test scenario is created, it can be executed automatically using Agilitest. Agilitest can also generate reports on the test results, making it easy to identify any issues that were discovered during testing. Agilitest is designed to work with a variety of web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Agilitest supports legacy applications and web services. This makes it well-suited for testing public organization websites that are designed to work with multiple browsers.

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