Testing in the luxury goods industry

Stay on top of luxury high-quality standards and meet customers expectations. Create and maintain complex functional tests with ease.

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Facing the luxury goods testing challenges 

Functional testing in the luxury sector can be difficult. This is because the systems and applications are complex and important. Complex regulations, interoperability issues, heterogeneous users, large volumes of data, etc makes it essential to have a comprehensive approach to functional testing. 

Discover Agilitest, the no-code automation platform to create and maintain robust functional tests.

Reduce risks

For every innovation, update and investment decision, absolute accuracy is imperative. Be more agile to reduce human errors and identify risks quickly. 

Improve time-to-market

Accelerate the delivery and quality of services with an automation platform that is easy to build, maintain, and scale.

Focus on customers

Spend more time providing quality services that delight your customers by automating tedious and repetitive tasks.

Agilitest is a no-code platform made for luxury goods solutions

Agilitest is an intuitive suite so that everyone can create, maintain and automate functional tests at scale. 

Reduced costs

Eliminate automated tests maintained by developers and reclaim those resources for feature development, because your validation teams can automate tests with Agilitest.Create complex and scalable automated user interface tests that will cover 80% of your end-to-end business processes.

Simplified maintenance

Agilitest offers a robust capture tool to help manage regular updates in heavy regulations and compliance requirements. This tool makes tests less sensitive to code changes.

Better path coverage

Using no-code, you can automate across any technology. This includes business legacy softwares, SAP applications, web-based and mobile platforms, and web services. All of these can serve your customers. Designed for the modern enterprise testing environment, it offers a single platform to cover all functional testing scenarios without limitations.  

Efficient reporting

Agilitest streamlines test execution and reporting to enhance collaboration, productivity, and precision. Its video replays, XML and PDF reports enable faster and more continuous feedback loops throughout the pipeline.

Data-driven testing

Get the ability to add depth to your tests by replaying them on extended data. Deliver more accurate results when your customers report bugs related to their data.

"Our continuous deployment pipeline now limits false positives"

Pierre, IT Manager at L'OREAL
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Agilitest covers your luxury goods testing use cases

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Frequently asked questions about testing for luxury goods.

What are the testing challenges for luxury goods?

Functional testing for luxury goods can pose unique challenges due to the high standards of quality, design, and craftsmanship that are expected of luxury products. Some of the functional testing challenges for luxury goods include:
Quality assurance: Luxury goods are expected to be of the highest quality, with no defects or imperfections. Ensuring that every product meets these standards requires meticulous testing at every stage of production.

• Customization
: Many luxury goods, such as high-end watches and jewelry, are customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual customers. This requires testing of the customization process to ensure that the end product meets the customer's requirements.

• Design validation: Luxury goods are often designed to be visually stunning and innovative, which can make it challenging to test and validate their functionality without compromising their aesthetic appeal.

• User experience: Luxury goods are not just functional products, but also status symbols and expressions of personal style. Ensuring that the product provides an exceptional user experience, including comfort, ease of use, and durability, is essential to maintaining customer satisfaction.

Can Agilitest cover complex test scenarios for luxury goods companies?

Yes, Agilitest is a software testing tool that can cover complex test scenarios for luxury goods. Agilitest is designed to automate functional testing for a wide range of applications and software companies, including luxury goods. Agilitest has a range of features that can help to create and execute complex test scenarios for luxury goods. For example:

• Visual test automation: Agilitest has a visual test automation feature that allows testers to create test scenarios by replicating user interactions with the application. This makes it easy to create test scenarios for luxury goods that have complex user interfaces and workflows.

• Data-driven testing: Agilitest allows testers to use data-driven testing to create test scenarios that simulate real-world usage scenarios. This can be particularly useful for luxury goods that have customization features or require complex data input.

• Test coverage analysis: Agilitest provides test coverage analysis that allows testers to measure how well their test scenarios cover the application's functionality. This can help to ensure that all the critical functions of a luxury good are tested thoroughly.

• Cross-device testing: Agilitest allows testers to perform cross-device testing, which ensures that the luxury good functions as expected across different devices and browsers. This can be particularly useful for luxury goods that have online components such as e-commerce websites. It also ensures that the luxury good integrates well with other systems or applications.

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