Agilitest for Product Owners

Make Continuous Functional Validation a reality and dramatically improve both time to market and software quality.
“With Agilitest we gained priceless peace of mind."
Thierry Boronat,
CEO, Bambinou

Reduce time to market: testing is no longer a bottleneck

Continuous deployment is no longer a dream: it is a reality, and all teams developing software have to make sure they are able to deliver quality at speed.

That's where functional test automation unleashes its full potential: it empowers you to validate your applications in no time.

Focus on testing business processes, not features, and increase software quality

Automating functional tests with Agilitest means widening functional coverage while lowering the number of flaky tests, together allowing for a sharp decrease of the number of bugs slipping through the cracks.

By allowing testers to spend less time on manual tests and tests maintenance, Agilitest allows them to focus on testing full business processes rather than isolated features, ensuring a comprehensive and qualitative user experience.

Agile, intuitive and fast

Not only Agilitest is one of the easiest and fastest test automation platform on the market, it is also the most adapted to the requirements of Agile teams.

With Agilitest, collaboration among the team is facilitated and fast and regular delivery is made possible. Teamwork can thus be an ally for the most difficult tests such as exploratory tests
Tester can use stable test environement

Packed with features you're gonna love

Our team strives everyday to provide software or web tester solution with a cutting-edge custom experience, a tool that testers love to use and that simplifies their lives.

State-of-the-art mechanisms to prevent flaky tests

Easy to learn, understand and use, even for non developers

Same UX for every channel you test + cross-channel capabilities

On-demand test reports that are easy to configure

Enhanced collaboration with Developers and Product Owners

Unique editing mode: modify tests while you replay them

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