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Why is multi-device testing challenging?

Lack of resources

Multi device testing implies more devices and testers to properly test all devices. Bugs and risks tend to be higher on multiple devices testing. Moreover, setting up cross-platform tests with traditional tools (technical, infrastructure, skills) is complex. 

Cost management

Multi-device testing involves the use of multiple tools to test complex user paths. Sometimes, one tool can be used per technology and device which exponentially increases the cost to test (maintenance, training, creation and analysis). Getting a complete QA environnement can become a timebomb. 

Poor validation

Manual validation is often made by developers or project managers. Validation activities then take too much time compared to development activities. Moreover, when running complex and large functional tests, it becomes impossible to maintain every test at scale.

Discover Agilitest, a no-code functional automation platform for multi-device testing

Agilitest is an intuitive suite so that everyone can automate functional tests at scale and optimize multi-device testing.
Flaky tests (false positive)
Saved in test maintenance costs
Reached in functional test coverage
reduce time and costs agilitest

Reduce time and costs

Lower the time and cost of writing tests by pooling functional test modules. Create complex and scalable automated user interface tests. Run automatically as part of a continuous integration (CI) after each new build or release candidate.

Simplify testing

Execute end-to-end tests across multiple operating systems, browsers and web applications. Use the same intuitive, no-code approach to automate any technology, from SAP to web services, desktop and mobile applications.
simplify testing agilitest
better path coverage agilitest

Get a better path coverage

Customers can now use complex user paths with multiple data, on multiple devices and with multiple navigators. Add depth to your tests by replaying them on extended data, a useful approach when your customers report bugs related to their data.

Powerful functional testing software tailored for multi-device testing

Agilitest provides intuitive, yet robust, features to manage multiple devices and browsers effectively.

Web, desktop, mobile, API, SAP & Neptune DXP testing

Easy handling of data & sub-scripts libraries 

Virtualized environments and OS 

Multi-device script creation within one test

Easy to use for testers, powerful for developers,
high-performing for all

Discover what Agilitest can do for QA Managers, Testers, Product Managers and Developers.

'The workload gains have allowed us to expand our activities scope'

Stephane Pyla, IT Project Manager at FLOA
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Frequently asked questions about multi-device testing.

What is multi-device testing? 

Multi-device or cross-device testing is a type of testing that verifies if an application works across different browsers, screen sizes, resolutions and devices as expected. It is the process of verifying your application’s compatibility with different browsers and devices and making sure that it works consistently and as intended without any dependencies, or compromise in quality. The goal is also to perform really complex end-to-end processes on multiple devices, independently of which action is realized.

Why is multi-device testing important?

With the increasing use of mobile devices and the proliferation of different devices and operating systems, it is important to ensure that a website or application works properly on all devices to provide the best user experience.

How is multi-device testing conducted?

There are various tools and techniques that can be used for multi-device testing, including manual testing, automated testing, emulators, simulators, and real device testing.

Can multi-device testing be automated?

Yes, there are various tools and platforms available that allow for automated multi-device testing, such as Agilitest. These tools allow for the creation of test scripts that can be run on multiple devices simultaneously. Agilitest has the advantage to be used by all types of profiles, technical and functional.

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