The hell of the functional tester

The demands and observations of a functional tester.
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An observation and a profession of faith

In recent years, a new profession has appeared in the IT industry: Designer/Developer of functional tests for automated HMIs. In this white paper, discover the questions and observations of a test expert, with the objective of solving recurring problems encountered by functional testers.

In this white paper, we cover:
  • The designer/developer: attributes and problems
  • Adapting to multiple environments and behaviors
  • Towards the coordinator/analyst route

"The reasons for a flaky test are multiple and difficult to predict."

Pierre Huber, CTO & Co-Founder @Agilitest

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About Agilitest

Agilitest is a functional test automation application compatible with the majority of applications developed on Web, Windows desktop, Android mobility, iOS and Web services technologies. Agilitest allows testers, whether they are business or functional experts, to carry out their own tests and maintain them easily.