Agilitest for QA Managers

On top of bringing you visibility and control over test processes and deadlines, Agilitest provides you with an opportunity to help members of your dev teams to work more efficiently and better collaborate.
“I recommend Agilitest to every team creating software"
Sébastien Lansiaux,
R&D Director, Dedalus

Shift left, and get full control over processes and deadlines

Integrating functional GUI testing directly into the development phase and working in short cycles is key to identify quality problems as early as possible. Agilitest makes it possible by drastically reducing redundant testing workload.

The result: your team tests your application in real-time, new features are produced without regression using CI/CD processes and tools, and applications can de deployed in the Cloud without manual validation.

From testing features to delivering digital experiences that delight users

We believe functional testers should have time to focus on making sure applications deliver an engaging and over-the-top digital experience. That often means automating redundant test workload. But what’s the point if maintaining automated tests takes more time than testing manually?

Agilitest was designed to minimize the time needed to create and maintain  automated tests so that your teams can focus on the overall app experience, not just on testing features for regression.

Less time allocated to test maintenance means more time to new tests creation

Our powerful component identification technology is the key to reducing your automated tests maintenance costs. You have full control on how your components are identified, and as a consequence software refactoring has less impact on testing.

And if test maintenance was to be required, our unique editing mode and integrated replays make it super easy and fast.

Packed with features you're gonna love

Our team strives everyday to provide QA Managers with a cutting-edge custom experience, a tool that they love to use and that simplifies their lives.

CI/CD system integration

Easy to learn, understand and use, even for non developers

Desktop, Web, Mobile, Webservice + cross-channel capabilities

On-demand test reports that are easy to configure

A common platform and language for the whole team

Agile-ready: made to support regular sprints

We help your amigos too

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