Agilitest for Developers

Agilitest is the only functional tests automation solution on the market that does not use X-paths to identify the components used in a test. And it relies on a solid Open-Source backbone.
“Agilitest integrates perfectly with our CI/CD infrastructure."
Laurent de Chevron Villette,
QA Director, Canal+

Focus on creating software, not on automating tests

By enabling people with no technical skills to automate tests themselves, Agilitest gives developers the opportunity to focus on what they do best: developing new and awesome features – not on programming automations to test these very same features. Our test automation solution is made for that.

A new level of collaboration with the test team

Agilitest provides teams with a common language to work on bugs and issues highlighted by functional test campaigns, bringing collaboration with the test team to a whole new level. By providing detailed test reports with video replays, Agilitest makes communication between teams smooth and clear.

You work with Jenkins and TestNG? We do too!

With Agilitest, setting up a local or distant Jenkins server is easy. You can set up jobs in Jenkins for recurring execution, and monitor results in a very visual dashboard. CI/CD is just around the corner.

A solid open-source backbone: ATS

Agilitest produces scripts expressed in our very own Open Source language: ATS (Action Test Script), which are manually readable and editable.

ATS is under Apache licence and is free – which means you can rerun your tests for free in all environmants and on all types of systems – including virtual ones – even if you don’t have an Agilitest licence anymore.
Tester can use stable test environement

Packed with features you're gonna love

Our team strives everyday to provide software or web tester solution with a cutting-edge custom experience, a tool that testers love to use and that simplifies their lives.

Data driven testing, local CSV/JSON data file or url support

Compatible with all CI/CD systems: launch functional test campaigns with a single line of command

New browser drivers and test video replays included for free in ATS

Test descriptions available in txt format and fully editable

Advanced variable and sub-scripts management

Explicit component recognition, no X-paths

We help your amigos too

The Developer in testing activities

Testers play a crucial role in the testing process of any product or system. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the product or system meets the specified requirements and performs as expected. The tester starts by understanding the requirements of the product or system and creating a test plan based on them. They then create test cases, which are a set of steps that are followed to test the product or system. The tester then executes these test cases and documents the results.
During the testing process, the tester may encounter issues or defects in the product or system. They should report these defects accurately and in a timely manner so that they can be fixed by the development team. The tester should also be able to suggest possible solutions or workarounds for the defects.
A tester should have strong analytical and problem-solving skills as they will be required to identify and troubleshoot issues during the testing process. They should also have excellent communication skills as they will be required to collaborate with the development team and other stakeholders to ensure that the product or system meets the required standards.
In conclusion, the role of a tester is crucial in ensuring that the product or system is of high quality and meets the specified requirements. They play a key role in identifying and reporting defects and suggesting solutions to improve the overall performance of the product or system.

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The tests scenarios can be replayed in ATS, our Open-Source backbone.
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