What is ATS

Agilitest is an intuitive functional test automation suite designed so that everyone can automate tests.

Featuring a unique approach to functional test automation, Agilitest offers a comprehensive view on the quality of software at all times, on web, desktop, mobile and webservice technologies alike.

In a context where Agile teams and DevOps integration are becoming the norm, Agilitest provides all software testers, whether they have a technical background or not, with an intuitive and robust way to create, maintain and execute automated functional tests.

ActionTestScript, diminutive of ATS is a test language that is structured and readable and understandable by a human being and easily editable by an A.I. used to create reliable and powerful automated test campaigns with a graphical interface.

ATS is open-source under the Apache 2.0 license.

Test scripts are defined by a sequence of «actions» executed on a Web application (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox), desktop (Desktop), mobile, or Webservice.

Scripts written in ATS are converted into java classes and then executed using Selenium frameworks (for browsers), or by software layers directly implemented for desktop parts, mobile Android and iOS or Webservices.

ATS produces reports in the following formats :

Execution reports:

- Execution report: for a global reading of tests execution

- Detailed execution report (with or without screenshot): to analyse the reasons for failed tests

        - Summary report (pdf): for a global reading of test success in a specialized format        

        - ATSV report: Execution images compiled in a video format (played via the ATSV player)

- Validation report: to document and to archive the implemented executions

ATS is compatible with the widely used TestNG execution format and is compatible with most recent continuous integration systems.

With ATS, test designers focus solely on the functional actions to be performed and do not have to worry about technical considerations.

The link between ATS  and Agilitest

To make ATS and Agilitest work you have to install some prerequisites.

For more information you can consult the documentation on hardware and software requirements.

The link is primarily philosophical: we wanted to make available to all the software test replay technology that is ATS and thus allow possible acceleration of the developments that are linked: dev/ops-related technologies and more generally all those involved in the software production chain are multiple and still in high evolution.

Technically, Agilitest is an editor that produces ATS scripts, but we also put in this editor all the experience of several years of use of automated testing tools. It relies on ATS and benefits from the technical features it brings: readable scripting, step-by-step replay of tests, robustness...


Agilitest is an ATS code editor, but modifications are not made from the Agilitest editor but with Notepad++, for example.

ATS is maintained by Pierre HUBER, founder of CAIPTURE, publisher of Agilitest. More information by following the link :

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