Desktop automation

We will see how to automate software solutions developed and compiled under Windows.

IAgilitest natively supports these solutions, thanks to a specific Desktop driver.

How to launch the software?

Just create an action to open a channel and then click on the icon to select an .EXE file.

Select a .exe file

Agilitest then opens a file explorer allowing you to select your executable file.

Then everything is working as on web technologies: you switch to capture mode to select components:

Capture items on a desktop application

Pressing CTRL allows you to select a component and display the locator selection window:

Select the locator for a Desktop Component

In this case, the components that are displayed are not elements of the DOM as on the Web browsers, but correspond to the Widgets used to build the graphical interface of the desktop application.

The identification of a locator to uniquely retreive the component in the page works however the same way. In the case of a Desktop application, there may be AutomationId generated by the  framework  of component  used to develop the application.

Select a component in a submenu

To select a sub-menu component, it may be useful to use the SHIFT button, which temporarily pauses the capture mode to navigate to the desired sub-menu component: If you press SHIFT, the events of navigations are directly sent to the tested application.

To create an action in Agilitest, you just have to drop the element in the editor, starting from the "drag drop into editor" area of ​​the locator:

Start to drag to create an action

You create an action by dropping the component at the desired place in the editor: at the end of the script or between two actions. Just make sure that the "Create an action" menu is displayed in the right place.

Create an action

The Desktop typed action is then inserted into the editor.

Desktop action created

To go further

Configuring a commonly used application

You can configure a commonly used application by editing the .atsProperties configuration file.

The icon of this application will then be displayed automatically in the action start channel, allowing you to open it directly.

Prefered application Notepad++

Using a Desktop Locator on a Web Applicatio

The Desktop driver is always active in Agilitest, even when you are automating Web solutions.

This allows you to select specific components of the .EXE application corresponding to your browser.

Favorites button in Chrome

If you want to test your application on several Web technologies and several browsers, we do not recommend using this mode, since you will be able to activate non-DOM components, specific to your browser, and thus cause a malfunction on other browsers.

Activate the Desktop selection

To select a Desktop Locator on a web application, simply press the ALT button while in Capture mode: Agilitest will switch from the DOM view to the Desktop component display. You can also click on the "Sys (Alt)" button at the top of the capture window.

Just press ALT again to return to the DOM selection.

This is very useful if your web application allows you to upload a local file to a web server: no special effort is needed to automate this action.

Select a file to upload

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