Automation of Neoload scenarios

Agilitest automates scenario generation in Neoload

This allows you to benefit from Agilitest's ability to record and replay a scenario.

We have developed new ATS actions specific to Neoload

Here is the detail of what is available:

Activating Neoload mode

Neoload is not activated by default in Agilitest. To do this you will have to modify your file .atsProperties and add the following lines:


The parameters are as follows:

  • recorder / host: corresponds to the IP address of the machine running Neoload and which records the scenarios.
  • recorder / port: the Neoload listening port on this machine. The default is 8090.
  • design / api: Listening service of the Design api allowing you to listen to and modify the current Neoload project.
  • design / port: Port du Servie. The default value is 7400.

Once this configuration is done, if you restart Agilitest, you will see a Neoload menu appear on the right of your screen:

 New Neoload menu on the right

The Neoload menu is scrollable and displays the following submenus:

Neoload submenus

Here is the detail of the different functions available:


Allows you to tell Neoload to start a user scenario.

The UserPath value is not mandatory but will allow you to register a user in your scenario.

Starting a Neoload user scenario


Tells Neoload to stop the current user journey.

Terminate a user path

The options available on the action:

  • Find framework parameters: this option allows you to define replacement parameters in Neoload in the framework in order to be able to use them during variabilisation.
  • Search for generic parameters: this option allows you to define generic parameters in Neoload in order to be able to use them during variabilisation.


This action creates a container in Neoload and names it.

Action to create a Neoload container


Record activation / deactivation action

This action activates and deactivates the recording in Neoload.

Resumption of recording in Neoload
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