Web automation

Agilitest supports the automation of web applications on 5 browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera

In addition, we provide generic compatibility with browsers that come from Chromium, for example JXBrowser.

Create a first test

To begin, you must open a channel on a web browser of your choice. By default Agilitest will find the installation of the main browsers of the market, except for Opera which will require a little additional configuration.

By clicking on the "Start a channel" button, you will be able to select the browser that interests you.

You can then immediately open the channel by clicking on the "Play" button that appears on the right side of the action: opening the channel will launch the browser.

The following action "Navigation -> Browser URL" allows you to specify which URL your application is at, it can be a local link or an internet link.

Enter an URL

After specifying your URL, just play the action directly so that your browser is positioned on the desired page.

From there, you will have to go into capture mode to select DOM elements, perform actions and controls, and finalize your test.

How to run the same test on multiple browsers

Once your first test done, you can very easily launch it on several browsers, for that do the following operations:

Create a CSV file of a single column and fill in the browsers that interest you. This is done simply by clicking on "New component" and csv file.

Ficher browsers.csv

We will then iterate over the values ​​of the CSV file by performing a subscript call.

  • Create a new script
  • Drop your main script from the project explorer into the edit window, this will create an action "Call the script".
  • Drop the CSV file on this new action, to generate an iterative call on the CSV file.
Iterative call of the main script by iterating on the different browsers

All you have to do is slightly modify your initial script, in order to vary the name of the browser: click on the App section of the "start a channel" action, and replace the browser name, set to hard, with the variable $param(0), this is the value of the first column of your CSV file on which your subscript call will iterate.

Vary the browser's name

In Agilitest, you can use variables in many places in order to increase scripts and file reuse, you will have more information by consulting our documentation on Data Driven testing.

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