A QA guide to SAP functional test automation 

The Why’s and How’s of SAP functional test automation.
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How to overcome SAP testing challenges

Discover the why's and how's of automating SAP functional testing in this comprehensive guide. Learn how to overcome the challenges of SAP technology, maintain speed and quality, reduce complexity, bridge the skills gap, and achieve efficient and productive testing.

In this white paper, Agilitest and Invarture cover:

  • The SAP functional testing challenges
    • The evolution of SAP technology
    • Keeping speed and quality up
    • The cost of complexity
    • The skill gap between testers and developers
  • Automating functional SAP testing
    • Enhancing efficiency and productivity
    • Using reusable modules and reduce costs
    • Harnessing the power of test data management
    • Beyond SAP: end-to-end testing
    • Test automation solutions
  • Automating SAP functional testing with Agilitest
    • Reduced maintenance
    • Improved test coverage
    • Limited regressions
    • Saved time and money
    • Eased collaborative work

"Automation can significantly improve the efficiency of testing SAP systems by eliminating the need for manual testing and enabling the quick execution of regression testing"

Tristan Treboz, Test Architect at INVARTURE

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This white paper was co-written by Agilitest and Invarture. Both parties are free to use this content.

About Agilitest

Agilitest is a functional test automation application compatible with the majority of applications developed on Web, Windows desktop, Android mobility, iOS and Web services technologies. Agilitest allows testers, whether they are business or functional experts, to carry out their own tests and maintain them easily.

About Invarture

INVARTURE is a company based in Paris (France) that offers a software suite to optimize the performance and security of the information system. With more than 15 years of experience, INVARTURE has made a drastic selection of the best software technologies in the world and enabled dozens of large European accounts using SAP to improve their development processes, software testing, delivery, or make their information system more agile and secure.