Scaling functional test automation for happy teams

How to go from manual to automated functional tests and offer peace of mind to testing teams.
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scaling test automation for happy teams - ebook

An evangelization of test automation best practices 

Understand the main concepts of automated functional testing and the benefits of continuous validation.

In this white paper, we cover:
  • From manual to automated tests
    • The organizations of manual tests team - V-cycle
    • Challenges faced by manual tests
    • How to reorganize teams to allow test automation
  • From test automation to smart test automation 
    • Identify which tests to automate
    • How to implement continuous testing
    • The gains to frequent testing
  • Finding the right tools
    • How to find the right test automation tool
    • Next steps: building your test automation strategy

"Regular test automation presents many concrete advantages often related to 'shift left' by allowing in particular an early detection of the anomalies"

Marc Hage Chahine, Test methods and Tools Expert at Sogeti,

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About Agilitest

Agilitest is a functional test automation application compatible with the majority of applications developed on Web, Windows desktop, Android mobility, iOS and Web services technologies. Agilitest allows testers, whether they are business or functional experts, to carry out their own tests and maintain them easily.