Software validation 101

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An observation and analysis at the origin of Agilitest

Discover how the historical methods of software validation are being questioned, what solutions are being proposed and finally what tools are needed to implement them.

This document is the presentation of the approach that has allowed Agilitest to exist.

In this white paper, we discuss:
  • Software production cycle
  • Typology of software testing
  • The problem: software validation

"In most companies producing or using software, the validation of software is still largely done manually"

Christophe Cressend, CEO @Agilitest

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About Agilitest

Agilitest is a functional test automation application compatible with the majority of applications developed on Web, Windows desktop, Android mobility, iOS and Web services technologies. Agilitest allows testers, whether they are business or functional experts, to carry out their own tests and maintain them easily.