January 31, 2022

Agilitest and axYus, partners for functional test automation

Mathilde Lelong
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Agilitest and axYus, partners for functional test automation

Agilitest starts the year by signing a partnership with axYus. This ambitious agreement is designed to help public sector players better manage their testing and continuous validation projects.

A joint project for two strong entities

Contributing to the modernisation of public sector services for 20 years, axYus, a Magellan Partners group entity, offers customized applications and tools that meet the unique needs of business players, their customers and their users.

Combining technological expertise, operational excellence and in-depth knowledge of business culture and processes, axYus is involved in all stages of the development of your sustainable digital projects. 

Agilitest offers a unique approach to the design of automated functional tests. In the age of Agile teams and DevOps integration, Agilitest makes it easy for testers - both technical and functional - to create, maintain and execute robust automated functional tests.

Development teams need to secure their processes while ensuring faster time-to-market in a heterogeneous, multi-platform and ever-changing digital industry. 

Agilitest provides QA Managers, Product Owners, Developers and Testers with a validation platform and a common language in order to efficiently validate their applications, to have a global and constant visibility of software quality, and thus to make a Continuous Delivery approach possible. 

A response to the problems of public players

As a major and historic digital services company in the market, axYus benefits from a real knowledge of its customers, particularly those in the public sector, in the implementation of testing projects. 

Beyond a simple commercial collaboration, this partnership allows us to highlight our common expertise. The complementarities between axYus and Agilitest, in terms of knowledge of developments, business lines and processes in place, allow us to offer a high value-added service to end customers. 

"In axYus, we have found a company that listens to us and complements our positioning in terms of software quality in flow and continuous validation. We were also convinced by the quality of the customer relationship and the speed with which our solutions were deployed on their projects. Through this partnership, it is also a sign of shared maturity that we wish to demonstrate: responding quickly to end-users' expectations while providing them with regular bug-free upgrades to the applications they use." Christophe Cressend, CEO and co-founder of Agilitest 

axYus needed a simple and intuitive solution to improve the quality of delivered software and reduce delivery times. Agilitest allows axYus' customers to use a reliable tool to complement the work done upstream by the company’s teams. Finally, the support and training provided by Agilitest will enable axYus to respond as closely as possible to its customers' business and functional issues. 

A promising future for the public sector

"We are delighted to be associated with Agilitest. This partnership will enable us to provide powerful and innovative business and technological solutions to our clients who wish to entrust us with the design and development of their applications and solutions. Our highly complementary expertise will enable us to meet the needs of the IT departments of all French public organizations that are transforming their information systems, with strong requirements in terms of reducing costs and deadlines, and who wish to have access to a high quality application", explains Jean-Michel Bourrier, Director of axYus 

Through this partnership, Agilitest continues to develop its public sector network and supports numerous companies in their development phases. In the long term, this partnership will offer many opportunities and joint projects between Agilitest and axYus, propelling both entities towards new ambitions.

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