ShadowDom: To simplify the capture of your elements

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ShadowDom: To simplify the capture of your elements

Agilitest is now using the ShadowDom to capture elements.

What is ShadowDom?

Shadow DOM (Shadow Document Object Model), is a web technology that can encapsulate the style and the structure of a web component by making it independant from the rest of page. This is used to avoid style conflicts and to isolate the component code, which is particularly useful during the development of complex user interface.

Capture tool

Agilitest already has a powerful capture tool that can target elements with their attributes. Now, Agilitest uses the ShadowRoot, which is a component of the ShadowDom technology, during its elements research in order to sharpen this research and to make your scripts more precise.

If some elements seemed difficult to capture, now it won’t be a problem anymore with the implantation of the ShadowRoot!

Agilitest automatically detect the capture of an element with the ShadowRoot type in the capture window. You will be able to recognize those elements with their pictograms and their dotted frame.

captured elements parents shadowRoot

You will also have the possibility to manage your elements and declare those in ShadowRoot directly in the action editor.

ShadowRoot declared

To know more, you can consult the documentation about the capture tool and the ShadowDom.

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