November 16, 2023

Test Cases for Flight Booking Systems

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Test Cases for Flight Booking Systems

Test Cases for Flight Booking Systems

In this modern era, where commuting from one place to another has become common, the need for travel management apps has increased.

People now prefer to travel through flights even when they are traveling from one state to another. It is because of the fact that flights can minimize their traveling time, and people can reach their destination earlier.

Because of the increase in ticket booking, there has been an unimaginable rise in online flight booking systems. However, developers have to make sure that such important apps are error-free before deploying them, or else it may create security breaches and huge losses.

An attested Flights API can help you with easy flight ticket booking by providing your lowest price after comparing different sites. Such a system can help in saving customers time as well as money.

However, in this article, we will be learning about how to implement test cases for flight booking systems. Software testers must keep these cases in mind while testing the traveling and other related applications.

We will see a step-by-step testing process for a flight booking system and make the article easily understandable. So, let’s begin with the guide!

What is a Flight Reservation System?

A flight booking system helps in automating the flight ticket booking process online for specific seats available on different flights.

A reliable and productive flight reservation app is necessary to own if you have a travel agency. At the same time, you must also make sure that your booking system is providing you with detailed information about how to improve the customer experience.

One important aspect of your business is securing the customer data and providing them with efficient ticket booking services. However, make sure that your software is also performant and that your customer support team delivers the best services to the clients.

To ensure these things, we have made this article. Here, you will see some of the important test cases that you can use to check the quality, productivity, and other matters of your flight booking system. So, let’s begin with the in-depth information.

Test Cases for Flight Booking Systems

A flight booking system app allows users to find, compare, and book flight tickets. It’s complex software that has different components like databases of different flights, an interactive UI, and a secure payment gateway.

To make sure that the system works correctly, it’s necessary to implement a strong testing process on the system. In the following article, we will discuss different test cases used for testing the functions and accuracy of your flight booking software. Let’s start with performance test cases, followed by other tests.

Flight Booking System - Performance Test Cases

Here are the three main performance tests that software testers can use to check the performance factor of the airline reservation project they are working on:

  • Monitor the system’s ability to handle a massive group of concurrent users.
  • Testing the response time of your system at the time of searching flights by setting different filters.
  • Verifying whether the system can stand heavy loads and remain stable and reliable or not.

Flight Booking System - Functional Test Cases

  • Check whether the software displays correct information about the flight such as departure time, flight number, fare, and arrival times.
  • Verifying the booking procedure and testing functions like entering the passenger’s details, picking the seats, and making payments to book the seats.
  • Verify that users can search flights by inserting the arrival and departure airports, number of passengers, and their traveling dates.
  • Verification of users getting a system-generated email after their successful booking of the airplane seats.

Some common tests conducted while performing Functional Testing

Testing search box functionality

  • Test whether different sets of keywords like destination, airport codes, landmarks, etc., are working or not
  • Experiment and test different filters like star ratings, prices, distance, aso.
  • Test whether the functionality of providing information regarding nearby data, etc., is working
  • Test the search box functionality using different user filters like currency, display, date options, etc.
  • Verify that the search box shows results in the minimum time possible.
  • Also, try to experiment by putting in the wrong information, and check whether the system shows an error, or it fails to handle the wrong input gracefully.

Testing filters

  • Check to see if the filter option is clickable
  • Multiple options are selectable or not, and results are shown according to multiple selections.
  • Check and make sure that the labels in the filter option are accurate or not
  • Verify that the filter options are similar on all web pages of your traveling website.

There are many more tests conducted such as checking the login page, verifying the payment page, checking user experience, etc. But to discuss them all, we will need a separate blog. Now, let’s move on to other types of test cases.

Flight Booking System- Security Test Cases

  • Check if the system has proper access controls to prevent unauthorized access to your system.
  • Verify that the project uses encryption for tactful information like card details, or personal details of the passengers.
  • Testing the ability of the system to respond and detect security breaches like attacks of SQL injections.

Flight Booking Applications- Compatibility Test Cases

  • Check whether the system is compatible with various browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Check if the system can be accessed using different devices like tablets, smartphones, and other desktops.
  • Test if the system can manage different screen sizes and resolutions.

Flight Booking Applications- Usability Test Cases

  • Checking the system’s ability to provide relevant and accurate information to the users.
  • Check if the user interface of your system is easily navigational.
  • Test the system’s ability to manage wrong input by the users.

Flight Reservation Systems- Positive Test Cases

  • Booking flight seats- check the ability of your system to book a ticket after including passenger data, selecting their preferred seats, and making a final payment
  • Search for flights and compare them- Ensure that your system is compatible with searching for flights based on their traveling date, departure and arrival terminals, no. of passengers, etc.
  • Booking confirmation- Make sure that the system has a specific ability to send a proper confirmation email to the passenger after their booking is completed successfully. This email sould have all flight details, travelers’ information, and their payment receipts.
  • User management- check whether your system can make, update, and remove users and associated data securely.
  • Responsive design- Make sure if the system is usable and provides an accessible responsive interface/design that is performant on different screens and orientations.

Flight Booking System- Negative Test Cases

  • Payment failure- Check if the system can handle the payment failures well. Sometimes during the situation of a declined credit card, expired card, or connectivity issues.
  • Wrong input- verify that the system can handle invalid inputs like invalid time, date, incorrect passenger count, etc.
  • Booking error handling- Make sure that the booking system can handle the errors that might occur while a user is trying to book seats. Errors such as sold-out fights, system failure, wrong passenger data or incorrect data, etc., should be taken care of.
  • Search error- The system should be able to handle errors that can occur while someone is searching for the flights. Errors such as connection error, system failure, or flight database error.
  • Errors that might occur while confirmation- Make sure that the booking system handles errors such as email address errors, system failure errors, or confirmation email errors.
  • Security risks- Your flight reservation system should know how to handle security risks like XSS- Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injections, session hijacking, etc.

Final Verdict

These are some of the primary and should be performed test cases that testors should perform while testing a flight booking system. These test cases will make your app robust and error-free. In case your system fails to pass any test case, there are numerous solutions to solve it.

Moreover, the primary aim of test cases is to make the system error-free, this aim can be achieved only when test cases are performed and errors are solved accordingly. For more such information, you can bookmark us. Happy reading!

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