November 2, 2020

Agilitest: Review of the 2020 year

Christophe Cressend
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Agilitest: Review of the 2020 year

More than three years after the creation of the company in Bastia, we wished to make a first annual assessment of our activity and to share it with you: which are the events of the year which marked our development, and how do we approach the year which is coming.

2020, Annus Mirabilis

Of course, like everyone else, we suffered from the COVID-19 containment, but not everything was negative.

The software development activities and the functioning of the company in general have not been impacted, and we have not resorted to short-time working. We brought in a lot of enhancement features, but also some important new features, such as Jenkins control and test and campaign reporting, which had been planned for a long time with our current customers.

We were able to develop alternative communication in the form of webinars, which finally bore fruit, with between 20 and 60 participants every two weeks. Communication in general on the very specific field of software testing is necessary when one has the vocation to make things change. We will persevere and increase our efforts in this direction in 2021, with more blog posts to be done. We will also get even closer to our prospects and customers to understand and help them.

We noticed that each customer had specific issues that required specific support from us, and not only on the "licensing" part of Agilitest. This led us to produce a "catalog of professional services", some of which are performed in the form of non-paying assessments. This allows us to discuss the problems and exchange on the answers we can bring.

Some of our customer projects have been postponed for several months, even until 2021, but we have organized our commercial activities around online presentations and finally we end the year with a more than correct level of orders, as well as a set of prospects interested in our approach which presumes a good level of future orders.

Agilitest is starting to be recognized as a NO-CODE alternative solution to automation tools that require development skills. Our efforts are constantly focused on its use by teams of testers who have no notion of computer code and on the efficiency and reduction of activities related to test maintenance.

We have developed a network of software vendors and industrial partners who provide software solutions that are complementary to our own and can integrate our solutions, such as:

  • Campaign management software: XQual, Refetest, SQuashTM
  • Performance testing software: Octoperf, Neoload
  • Mobile terminal emulation software: Genymotion (desktop and cloud)

As you can see, this year is not over but positions our business under the best auspices for 2021.

Our plans for 2021

R&D is one of the few areas where we can't communicate all of our plans, we have a lot of ideas to evolve our technology and bring the power of ATS, the open source language we created, to our customers.

On the current Agilitest product, we can indicate that we will continue efforts to integrate with CI/CD systems and produce runtime reports, XML, pdf or ATSV videos.

We also have plans to deploy our platform on macOS environments and support for the Safari browser.

We also plan to evolve the Agilitest editor and GUI to make it even more complete and easier to understand and use.

Regarding the support of our prospects and customers, we will focus our efforts on what motivates us every day: explaining Agility, reducing manual testing, putting testers and developers in the same teams and at the same level, and bringing them happiness in their work.

If you recognize yourself in these values, then we should go a long way together next year...

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

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