January 24, 2020

CIMPA uses Agilitest within its PLM software production

Christophe Cressend
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CIMPA uses Agilitest within its PLM software production

CIMPA has been a major player in PLM (Product LifeCycle Management) for almost 30 years, both in terms of consulting, integration of information systems and industrial processes. A subsidiary of the Sopra Steria group, the company has worked for major aeronautics and space groups since its creation, but also for many customers in the energy, automotive and transport sectors.

CIMPA, Agilitest and 3DExperience solution from Dassault Systèmes

CIMPA and CAIPTURE, publisher of the Agilitest solution, have collaborated for over a year to develop an industrial development methodology around the 3DExperience solution from Dassault Systèmes.

As part of an integration project for a first-rate French industrial player, the objective was to allow CIMPA to regularly deliver changes to its client while ensuring that they do not include any regressions on the functionalities previously delivered and already deployed in production, and that the user rights rules are well respected (very important criterion for the end customer).

The result of this collaboration is very positive: CIMPA can now automatically run more than 800 tests before each delivery. In addition, the quality and continuous improvement approach around Agilitest has made it possible to set up a policy of convergence towards zero defects.

The CIMPA project is organized into an Agile teams in which two people are responsible for producing automated functional tests which are regularly replayed in continuous integration for the entire project.

The implementation of this organization has enabled CAIPTURE to prove the relevance and the high productivity of its Agilitest solution: more than 800 tests were generated by the CIMPA team on all the developments carried out, these tests are replayed regularly in continuous integration. CIMPA’s goal is to create and run more than 2,000 tests to almost cover the entire application.

Better test management for CIMPA

This allows CIMPA to ensure:

  • That the recent software production did not generate a regression, and therefore to be able to deliver at any time to its customers.
  • To be able to quickly analyze regressions, thanks to the possibility of replaying test videos directly from its continuous integration system.
  • Save time on writing test reports thanks to screenshots generated automatically at the end of test execution.
  • Perform demonstrations and training using videos or screenshots obtained during test execution.

In a context of profound change in the software industry towards Agility, CIMPA and Agilitest are delighted with their collaboration. This confirms that the implementation of an Agile oriented project organization, combined with a policy of production and monitoring of automated tests carried out with Agilitest, allows significant gains to be made in terms of speed, quantity of tests executed and production quality.é

About CIMPA : https://www.cimpa.com

About PLM 3D Experience : https://www.3ds.com

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