July 29, 2021

Agilitest will be at the 2021 JFTL event

Christophe Cressend
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Agilitest will be at the 2021 JFTL event

Agilitest will attend the 13th edition of the "Journée Française du Test Logiciel", the biggest and most awaited French event for software test and IT quality professionals, on September 13th and 14th at the Beffroi de Montrouge. 

This year again, we are delighted to get such a privileged opportunity to meet and exchange with fellow test professionals and can't wait to meet with you at one of the 3 spots where you can expect to catch up with us.

Meet with the team on booth #11

A good opportunity to talk about continuous functional validation and Agile testing or to get a demo of Agilitest and its latest features. 

Follow our LinkedIn event for registration details and updates.

Attend a tutorial on codeless automation

September 13th will be Tutorial day and this year, Agilitest will be presented at the "Codeless Automation" tutorial animated by Marc Hage Chahine and Michael Granier. During this 3-hour workshop, the presenters will detail what are the steps one should take when selecting a test automation tool and will invite participants to experiment with 2 no-code automation solutions: Agilitest and Mr Suricate - with the objective of showcasing the potential of the two.

Follow our LinkedIn event for registration details and updates.

Hear CANAL+ share their Agilitest experience

During this conference, Laurent de Chevron Villette - Head of the Validation Department at Canal+ - will present the continuous validation solution for the MyCanal application that he has implemented, while putting functional testers back at the center of the validation process.

He will present his approach, the challenges he faced, the architecture he chose - which includes Agilitest, his results and the impact on the teams.

Follow our LinkedIn event for registration details and updates.

For more details about the JFTL, please refer to https://www.cftl.fr/JFTL/

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