December 10, 2018

Agilitest can now automate functional tests on Android

Christophe Cressend
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Agilitest can now automate functional tests on Android

The latest version of Agilitest now supports Android technologies, which means that we are able to automate test cases on any mobile or tablet using the Google OS.

This evolution will allow our customers to test all of their applications on Android, on native technologies or Webapps.

The multichannel support in Agilitest will enable them to perform end-to-end testing processes involving Web, Desktop and Mobile scenarios.

We made the installation, deployment and use of Agilitest on Android extremely simple, fast and without any changes to the applications.

The compatibility of our technology with integration and continuous deployment systems makes it possible to test and deploy the applications on the AppStores in a completely automated way and without any manual intervention.

For more technical information you can consult the FAQ we have done for this purpose: Automatisation sous Android

Photo by Adrien on Unsplash

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