Agilitest Project Explorer: simplified management of selected executions

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Agilitest Project Explorer: simplified management of selected executions

We are delighted to present our redesigned Project Explorer.

Our goal?

To give you better visibility of your projects, make it easier for you to create, run and maintain your tests, and increase your productivity.

This redesign is based on our desire to simplify the use of selected executions, allowing easy access to parameter sets at any time. In this article, we'll guide you through the new features of the Project Explorer and their benefits for optimizing your test projects.

What’s new with Project Explorer?

We've made some significant improvements to the Project Explorer to make it easier to use current executions, and to make your experience smoother and more intuitive:

  • Project selection via drop-down list: From now on, you can select your favorite project using a simple drop-down list, offering easier navigation between your different projects.
  • Project’s menu: In which you will find all the pages regarding your project (execution management, groups, project properties etc…) as well as options regarding your project
  • One-click to the selected suite: We've added a new selected suite drop-down list that lets you quickly define the suite for your entire project. This enhancement eliminates tedious steps to set the desired execution.
  • View selection: To give you a more personalised experience, a drop-down list lets you choose the type of display that suits you best.
  • A group of actions: These buttons depend on the view of the explorer

What is a selected suite?

A selected suite refers to a specific suite you select for a given project. Each execution is accompanied by parameters, such as configuration options, which can be found in the execution management section.

The main advantage of picking up a selected suite is that parameters can be modified at the global project level. This makes it possible to vary the values that depend on these parameters and are used in project scripts.

A simple example would be to define different browsers for a selected suite: If you choose execution "A" with the Chrome browser and select execution "B" with the Firefox browser, when you use the Browser parameter in a script, the value will automatically be Firefox for execution "B".

Learn more in our documentation about the project explorer.

We are convinced that these developments will make your day-to-day work much easier. They give you greater control over your day-to-day executions, and simplify the overall management of your project parameters. In short, they will save you time and improve the execution and maintenance of your functional tests.

We look forward to hearing from you. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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