December 14, 2022

Leverage CI/CD mobile app testing with ATS Mobile Station latest version

Emma Labrador
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Leverage CI/CD mobile app testing with ATS Mobile Station latest version

Agilitest R&D teams are pleased to share ATS Mobile Station latest version. What’s new? What has been improved? Let’s find out!

What is ATS Mobile Station? 

ATS Mobile Station is one of ATS' features and is independent from the Agilitest platform. ATS - which stands for ActionTestScript - is Agilitest’ open source test language under the Apache 2.0 license. ATS is structured, readable and understandable by a human being and easily editable by an A.I. used to create reliable and powerful automated test campaigns with a graphical interface.

ATS Mobile Station allows you to run iOS and Android functional tests on mobile devices through ATS or directly through Agilitest. 

The tests can be done on Windows, where only Android devices can be run, or on macOS where it is possible to run both Android and iOS devices. 

ATS Mobile Station is helpful to:

  • See the list and information of connected phones so you can connect to them and run tests 
  • Deploy your application on my device in order to test it
  • Install the iOS/Android driver on your device in order to prepare it for testing on the application of your choice
  • Test your mobile website on the chrome application of your Android device

ATS Mobile Station also integrates into a CI/CD process. Once an app or software is developed, it can be directly sent to ATS Mobile Station, where tests can be run. It reduces testing steps and offers faster automation. 

What’s new with ATS Mobile Station? 

ATS mobile station newest version now enables to: 

  • Install the iOS / Android driver on my device via REST API to prepare it for testing on the application of my choice
  • Support tablet functional testing 
  • Use portrait and landscape mode for Mobile and Tablet functional testing
  • Create a new type of channel: Chrome Mobile. It allows to test websites on Android mobile device in the Chrome application
  • Be automatically updated 

The advantages of CI/CD mobile app testing 

The advantages of CI/CD mobile app testing are multiple. It allows to:

  • Increase product release velocity. When setting up a CI/CD pipeline, you will automatically have to identify the development process’ critical components and execute all the necessary steps. This means that your process and collaboration between development and testing teams is efficient and well-defined. It also provides more clarity and accountability in a previously slow and unclear process. 
  • Provide strong quality assurance. Combined with automated mobile testing, CI/CD gives you strong quality assurance and standards into your workflow. Since these processes and features are pretty flexible, you get the opportunity to extend functionality for tasks like bug tracking, usability, reporting and so on. It allows for process optimization. Once a test case is defined correctly, it can help you identify functional errors and optimize accordingly.

How to deploy continuous integration with ATS Mobile Station? 

Continuous integration allows the deployment of a mobile application developed externally to Mobile Station through an API Rest. The application is sent to Mobile Station using a Rest API. Mobile Station then installs it on the devices so that the application can be run and tested with an ATS script through USB or WiFi.

3 Strategies for implementing continuous integration

  1. The tester's continuous integration launches the application developer's continuous integration
  2. The continuous integration of the application developer launches the continuous integration of the tester
  3. The application developer and the tester work asynchronously

Browse our documentation to learn more about ATS Mobile Station

Visit ATS or ATS Mobile Station gitlab

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