State of mind

The cards related to this category deal mainly with the necessary mindset to improve testing in an organization.

Cards related to this category

3 Amigos
Adopt an economic view
Community of Practice
Continuous progress towards perfection
Decentralize decision making
Design a better system
Do everything at the same time
Empirical process control
Example Mapping
Focus on the entire solution
Focus the organization on the customer
Incremental approach
Lean approach
Milestones are evaluated objectively
More with less
Organize around value
Prevent bugs
Search for transparency
Systemic view
Testability of the Product Backlog
The Manager is a Landscape Gardener
The team is responsible for the quality of the product
Ubiquitous Language
Understand what to test
Unlock the intrinsic motivation of employees
Variability assumption
WIP (Work In Progress)
Work in a cadenced and synchronized way