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State of mind


The notion of value for the customer is essential and agility puts a particular light on it, which is why Scrum dedicates a manager to it, the Product Owner (PO) [Schwaber 2020], SAFe a principle [SAFe 2021-10] which takes its source in the agile manifesto [Beck 2001] and Lean with the concept of "Muda" (無駄) originating from the Toyota company since the 1950s, which consists of eliminating all sources of waste by eliminating what has no value [Monden 1994].

Thus, an organisation must organise itself around value and maximise the flow of product generation, from ideation to making it available to users to generate revenue, this is the notion of "Value Stream" [SAFe 2021-18]. With this image, the organisation must encourage the flow of this stream and form rivers [Moustier 2020].

Application to the maturity of the test

When projecting the test into the river metaphor, it becomes clear that it should not be positioned as a huge sluice that would raise the product to a higher level in one go, and even less as a dam that would let a product through or not after a long water treatment.

Rather, the test should be seen as a system of small, rapid locks and regular bank maintenance, dredging and filtering actions that would remove materials that would be a hindrance to the flow of value as the water flows.

Thus, at the level of a Scrum team, practices such as the 3 Amigos, ATDD, TDD, DoD, exploratory testing or retrospective [Moustier 2019-1] are all opportunities for filtering and maintaining the stream.

Agilitest's position on this practice

The automation offered by Agilitest is a way of making production starts more fluid. In addition, the #nocode strategy [Forsyth 2021] also makes script generation smoother as it limits the thinking related to any algorithm and thus focuses more on the domain process.

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