January 5, 2022

Agilitest Year’s in Review - 2021

Emma Labrador
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Agilitest Year’s in Review - 2021

2021 was by far a pivotal year for Agilitest. From product development to company’s structuration and key partnerships, the growing codeless functional testing platform has reached key milestones. Here is a digest of what you might have missed. 

Product updates, to infinity and beyond

Agilitest’ R&D team has worked hard to scale, develop and upgrade the platform. Here are some of the product developments that we released over the last months.

1. Jenkins integration

Agilitest allows you to automatically set up and configure a local Jenkins server or even connect to a remote Jenkins. It's simple, fast and extremely practical.

You will be able to schedule recurring executions (every morning at 6am, every Tuesday or even continuously over a defined period if you want) to ensure that all your tested functions are OK.

2. Interfaces for searching scripts by keywords and filters

You can now search scripts and subscripts inside a current project, using keywords and filters. Keywords must be found inside one of the script filtered properties: “actions”, “author”, “description”, “script’s domain”, “groups”, “ids”, “script’s name” or “prerequisites”.

3. Adding elements to a sub-script call 

We now offer the ability to add an element (with data depending on the type of element: text, list, array, row, etc...) to a sub-script call.

4. Evolution of the 'switch window' action with multi-try and delay

The ‘switch window’ action can now be done using a multi-try ability if the window index is not available when the action is called. We can now also wait (in sec.) before executing an action.

5. Adding 'AtsLauncher' in an ATS project 

You can now add 'AtsLauncher' in an ATS project to make it easier to update ATS components before launching an ATS test suite.

‘AtsLauncher’ is a very simple Java class that can be launched using Java without having to compile it first and execute ATS tests suites. This script will do some checks on the current installed version of ATS, Java, Jasper and some other tools available on the ‘actiontescript.com’ server in order to use the last generally available version of ATS and its components. 

Company growth ambitions

In June, we announced a €1.5 million raise from the investment fund Side Capital and BPI France. This fundraising has allowed us to accelerate our expansion by strengthening our marketing and commercial efforts and our R&D capacity.

This investment has also helped us to strengthen our workforce: 10 new job positions have been filled in all areas, from R&D to marketing and sales. Boasting a good traction on the French market, we have accelerated our commercial deployment and strengthened our growth by opening up internationally.

The funds raised have also supported the development of technical innovation to offer an ever more efficient solution and accompany our ambition to make our open-source automation technology (ActionTestScript) a market standard.

We also closed strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as AxYus or Invarture. Our partnership with Invarture aims to make our software suite available for SAP environments. For nearly five years, Agilitest has been supporting its customers in accelerating the deployment of qualified applications, by putting continuous validation at the heart of the DevOps approach. The partnership with Invarture, a recognized distributor of solutions for SAP, will enable this continuous validation on SAP GUI, Fiori and Neptune applications.

Opening 2022 with greater ambitions

From new strategic partnerships, exploring new markets or creating impacting marketing campaigns, we think big for 2022. Our R&D team is also working on first-class features ranging from a MacOs version of Agilitest to the ability to capture and execute tests on SAP GUI applications. And these are just a snapshot of what is coming next!

But most of all, we would like to thank our clients who trust our solutions and services. We are proud to say that all our clients have renewed their subscription with us this year. So a massive thank you!

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