Invarture and Agilitest partner to offer a functional test automation solution to SAP users.

September 21, 2021

This partnership aims to make the software suite edited by Agilitest available for SAP environments, and to accelerate its marketing to major French and international accounts.

Founded in 2017, Agilitest offers a unique approach to test automation and allows testers, whether technical or not, to easily create, automate and maintain functional tests.

Agilitest's solution integrates with CI/CD tools, supports regular sprints and allows deployments without manual non-regression tests. It introduces a common language for working on bugs and issues highlighted by test campaigns, enabling much better collaboration between testers and developers.

Through this partnership, Invarture and Agilitest will work hand in hand to enable SAP users to perform testing with a no-code approach and implement continuous functional validation of their applications.

Christophe CRESSEND - President and Co-founder of Agilitest

"The capacity of adaptation of companies and their ability to make their IT tools evolve with agility has become an important element of competitive differentiation. ERPs, and in particular SAP, drive a large part of company processes, and are therefore at the heart of these issues.

For nearly five years, Agilitest has been supporting its customers in accelerating the deployment of qualified applications, by putting continuous validation at the heart of the DevOps approach.

The partnership with Invarture, a recognized distributor of solutions for SAP, will enable this continuous validation on SAP GUI, Fiori and Neptune applications.

We are very pleased that the two companies have joined forces to enable SAP customers to deploy changes and corrections as often as they like for the benefit of their users."

Emmanuel PENE - President of Invarture

"Software testing for SAP Enterprises has become a priority, especially because it is an essential part of DevOps and Agility, which allow organizations to adapt their information systems more quickly and with fewer errors to the evolution of their strategy.

Agilitest is an innovative solution that combines performance, robustness and interoperability. Its ability to integrate with the main DevOps tools on the market today, and to rely on a free open source execution engine, makes it a real novelty in the SAP ecosystem. Invarture brings its expertise in SAP environments and its knowledge of this market."

The Agilitest suite expands Invarture's DevOps and continuous delivery offering for SAP.

For more information on this new solution or any other product or service we offer on SAP , please contact us.

Meet Invarture and Agilitest at USF 2021 SAP Users Convention

Agilitest will be present alongside Invarture at the USF 2021 Convention on October 6 and 7, 2021. Meet the team on booth #35 "Devops and continuous delivery".


Invarture offers software solutions to major European accounts to support them in the transformation and improvement of their ERP. A French and independent player, its expertise is in DevOps, security and UX.


Agilitest, publisher of the software of the same name, offers a unique approach to the design of automatic functional tests that provide global and constant visibility of software quality, and this on any type of technology. A French startup founded in 2017, Agilitest is making Continuous Functional Validation a reality.