Agilitest raises €1.5M from Side Capital and BPI France

June 24, 2021
Agilitest, a major French player in functional test automation, announces a €1.5 million raise from the investment fund Side Capital and BPI France. This will allow the company to accelerate its deployment by strengthening its marketing/commercial structure and its R&D capacity.

DevOps or the future of enterprise software development

In the current context of accelerated software production and transition to digital technology, company-wide implementation of Agility, as well as continuous validation and deployment of software will become the norm. In the future, companies will have to invest heavily in DevOps factories and software test automation solutions in order to maintain their competitive advantages and seamlessly deliver their software solutions to their customers - all without bugs.

Agilitest, functional test automation for everyone

In the age of no-code, 90% of companies still need to rely on developers specializing in automation (a very scarce profile) to create and maintain automated tests. The Agilitest solution allows functional testers to create, maintain and play automated software tests independently.
Supporting most technologies, Agilitest is easy to deploy, highly productive, and specifically designed to minimize test maintenance activities. Able to replay software tests massively and continuously, Agile teams can then consider the continuous validation and deployment of software solutions.
Thus, Agilitest allows companies to implement, without reorganization, a process of automation of their software validation and deployment procedures.

An ambitious fundraise

This investment will allow Agilitest to strengthen its workforce: more than ten new job positions have been open in all areas, from R&D to marketing and sales. Boasting a good traction on the French market, Agilitest now wants to accelerate its commercial deployment and strengthen its growth by opening up internationally, hence the need to strengthen its teams.

"Agilitest's positioning is unique and its clients do realize it. Some of them conducted extensive competitive evaluations before selecting us, but no competitor matches the simplicity and robustness of our solution. We have great confidence in our international growth prospects." says Christophe Cressend, C.E.O. Agilitest.

The funds raised will also be used to develop technical innovation to offer an ever more efficient solution and support Agilitest's ambition to make its open-source automation technology (ActionTestScript) a market standard.

"Our customers report gains of up to 30% in the workload of the teams involved, and a great deal of peace of mind as software deliveries approach. In addition to software testing, we have always listened to our customers to respond to the challenges they face and to develop our tools. We are working with them on a wide range of possible applications and we will give ourselves the means to develop them." adds Pierre Huber, C.T.O. of Agilitest

"Christophe and Pierre have convinced us of the quality of their business project and their references. I am proud that SIDE accompanies the growth of Agilitest, which will - I am sure - impose itself as a reference in its market." Renaud Guillerm, Side Capital

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About Agilitest
Agilitest offers a unique approach to the design of automatic functional tests. In the age of Agile teams and DevOps integration, Agilitest makes it easy for testers - both technical and functional - to create, maintain and execute robust automated functional tests.
Development teams need to secure their processes while ensuring faster time-to-market in a heterogeneous, multi-platform and ever-changing digital industry. Agilitest provides Product Owners, Developers and Testers with a common validation platform and a common language in order to efficiently validate their applications, to have a global and constant visibility of software quality, and thus to make a Continuous Delivery approach possible.  
Agilitest was created in Bastia in 2017 by Christophe Cressend and Pierre Huber.
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About SIDE
SIDE is an investment and support fund for young tech and digital start-ups. It was launched in January 2016 at the initiative of Renaud Guillerm, co-founder of Videdressing, and brings together about thirty experienced entrepreneurs, at the origin of some of the most successful French Tech companies. SIDE accompanies and guides the entrepreneur in the organization and development of his business, from daily management to the preparation of future fundraising.
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