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How Dedalus used Agilitest to avoid bugs

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Editor and integrator of healthcare solutions, Dedalus accompanies public and private healthcare public and private healthcare institutions in the transformation of their information system, with the help of software solutions in the fields of patient records, care production, technical platforms. It is a group with a global reach and 3,600 employees, including 1200 in R&D.
Dedalus is a player in the health sector, many of the user paths of its tools are subject to regulation and certification - this field represents a significant part of its development efforts.


When Dedalus met Agilitest, the company had a team of functional testers who tested all the paths manually.
At the level of non-regression campaigns, this poses a big problem of visibility: it is difficult to know before the last days of the sprint where the software version stands in terms of quality because there is no replay of the tests on a daily basis.
Dedalus wanted to automate the functional tests and was looking for a tool to do this:

  • Accessible to domain testers, ie not a tool designed for developers (no scripts, no robots).
  • With a very simple user interface, easy to access
  • That allows to reproduce and replay a test case (which would allow knowledge sharing within the R&D team but also for user training)

Agile teams with Agilitest
"I recommend Agilitest to all software owners. For their non-regression tests, but also to smooth the transfer of knowledge from R&D to users."
Sébastien Lansiaux, R&D Director


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