"Our tests are now integrated into a continuous deployment pipeline by limiting false positives."

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How L'Oréal used Agilitest to automate critical scenarios


L'Oréal has been an industrial French group of cosmetics for more than 110 years. Today, the company is the first cosmetics industry in the world. It is also the 10th most ethics company worldwide.  

There is a lot of teams at L'Oréal. The company has 21 research centers, 14 assessment centers and more than 30 brands. It regroups more than 88 000 employees all around the world


The IT Operations and Finance team is made up of various project managers, who collaborate with the development teams. Some profiles are business experts and know the product while others are more functional. L'Oréal outsources some developments to external service providers. And, because the code management is outsourced, L'Oréal wants to control the validation.

The goal of L'Oréal is then to find a platform that brings together development and engineering teams, to follow updates on a regular basis with no issues with technological constraints.

'Agilitest is much simpler, because the tool requires less technical knowledge to get started - and our project managers can be testers themselves.'
- Pierre, IT Project Manager at L'OREAL -


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