Agilitest joins the Fitec training catalog to train tomorrow's testers

March 15, 2023

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - Agilitest joins the catalog of training courses provided by the Fitec group, a major player in professional retraining.

A shortage of testers on the market

In the vast field of development, the Agile tester, also called QA tester, is one of the most sought-after experts. Thanks to their testing methods and know-how, they guarantee the quality of the deliverable expected by the client: the software.

In full expansion for the past few years, there are many professional opportunities for testers. There has been a 51% increase in job offers in this field over the last 12 months (Source: Pôle Emploi).
Despite this craze on the part of recruiters, profiles dedicated to testing are rare talents on the market. The problem is therefore to satisfy the needs of companies with the few resources available on the market.

A no-code approach to revalue the tester's job

The organization of IT teams often does not allow for an optimal customer experience. Indeed, unit and integration tests performed by developers and functional tests performed by experts are not enough. At the same time, repetitive manual regression tests based on scenarios are an obstacle to the possibility for functional experts to focus on high-level tests.

In this context, Agilitest offers a no-code platform for the design, execution and maintenance of automated functional tests, for functional or technical profiles. Its unique methodology provides complete and constant visibility of software quality, while supporting a wide variety of technologies such as web, Windows desktop, mobile, web services, SAP and API applications.
This solution integrates seamlessly into a continuous functional validation process, ensuring software quality throughout the software lifecycle. Agilitest allows testing teams to save time, refocus their efforts on high value-added tasks, optimize resources and improve the customer experience.

A common vision for the testing profession

While there is a real shortage of specialized testing talent on the market, companies still need to have an operational workforce available quickly. It is in this sense that Fitec joins forces with Agilitest to offer companies expert profiles trained in the latest trends in the field of testing.
This partnership is based on a common desire on the part of both parties to promote retraining and continuing education. At a time when individuals no longer have the linear careers of the past, it is necessary to capitalize on other aspects than those that were previously the main focus. Training people who already have professional experience means, for many of us, democratizing this desire to change careers and to be in tune with the reality of the job market.
The IT professions are subject to the constant evolution of the technologies on which they depend. Recruiting profiles recently trained in the latest innovations in testing is to remove the obstacle to the competitiveness of companies that represents the lack of manpower in the sector. This Agilitest x Fitec collaboration is a response to this recruitment problem. It allows us to train tomorrow's testing talents, who are highly sought after on the job market and valued by many recruiters.

About Agilitest
Thanks to a unique approach to functional test automation, Agilitest offers a global vision of software quality at all times, whether on web, desktop, mobile or webservice technologies. As Agile teams and DevOps integration become the norm, Agilitest provides all software testers - whether they have a technical background or not - with an intuitive and robust way to create, maintain and execute automated functional tests.  

About Fitec
For over 30 years, Fitec has been training digital and IT experts through short and long courses dedicated to professional evolution and retraining. Fitec contributes to the training, employability and professional advancement of each talent by selecting, coaching and connecting hundreds of candidates with companies every month in order to offer training + employment. For the majority of training, Fitec offers job seekers the opportunity to enter the digital industry by connecting them directly with major employers through certified professional training and a permanent contract.

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