AGILITEST becomes a partner of the QESTIT Test University

October 20, 2022

Thursday, October 20, 2022 - Agilitest joins the QESTIT training program and signs an ambitious partnership to train more widely in functional test automation.

The challenges of functional test automation

To stay ahead of their competitors, companies must provide their customers with software that is adapted to their needs and offers a smooth and pleasant user experience. In this context, test automation becomes an obvious choice. Repetitive manual regression tests based on scenarios must disappear so that functional experts can focus on high-level tests and offer the ultimate customer experience to their users. 

In this context, Agilitest offers a unique approach to automated functional test design that provides consistent global visibility of software quality across Web, Windows Desktop, Mobile and Web Services technologies.

As teams move to Agile and DevOps integration, Agilitest enables testers, developers, QA managers, etc. to easily create, execute and maintain automated functional tests in a continuous functional validation process.

The QESTIT Test University

Agilitest has joined forces with the QESTIT training center to train candidates wishing to move towards automation. With nearly 25 years of expertise in testing and software quality, the QESTIT group has made skills development one of its driving forces by creating a training center 100% dedicated to testing. 

Its recognized skills in training, based on the experience acquired on numerous IT projects but also on its own pedagogy, allow QESTIT to offer training courses (customized or on catalog) aiming at: 

  • Reinforce skills in different areas of testing, both in terms of methodology and tools  
  • Encourage the appropriation of tools and methods adapted to the client's problems
  • Promote and enhance the qualification functions of the trainee's company. 

Certified QUALIOPI for its training actions that comply with French quality requirements, the University of Test also delivers ISTQB, DevOps Institute, etc. certification training.

The contribution of the Agilitest training program 

The Agilitest training offer is dedicated to mastering the functionalities and understanding the philosophy of the tool, with the aim of making any profile, whether technical or functional, autonomous in the design, implementation and industrialization of automated tests. 

The training offer includes two complementary modules, an initial level to understand the main principles of the tool and to be able to master the essentials of test automation in complete autonomy, and an advanced level to go further in the use of the platform. 

The training sessions, given by Agilitest test consultants or Agilitest certified, aim to evangelize good practices related to the automation of end-to-end functional tests. 

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