Agilitest team participation in WebSummit

November 14, 2018

We have been invited by ADEC and its partner Business France to participate in the Websummit, a summit that defines itself as "the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in the world", focused on new technologies and the Web.Created in 2009, the Websummit has seen its notoriety and participation increase from year to year to reach approximately 70,000 visitors from 170 countries this year, not far from the 3000 startups present, but also more and more large groups that are beginning to take possession of the place.In addition, there are scenes from all over the place where some 1200 high-tech and civil society speakers will follow one another, with the presence this year of the inventor of the Web, Tim Berners Lee, who presented his charter for the freedom of the Web.It is in this rather dense context that our partners have organized a relevant circuit of targeted visits and meetings, which have enabled us to make commercial contacts and consider partnerships. It is obviously still a little early to take stock of this operation, but we are satisfied to have been able to participate.So a big thank you to ADEC for selecting Agilitest and organizing this trip, and to the support provided on site by the teams from Business France, INIZIA and the French Embassy.