Agilitest, the disruptive test automation solution, now supports iOS applications

October 2, 2019

Bastia, October 2, 2019 - It is at the end of a good number of observations on the difficulties in automating the functional tests that its three co-founders created in July 2017 the company CAIPTURE with the support of the Corsican incubator INIZIA for offer Agilitest, a simple and intuitive test performance and automation solution.

To meet regulations, their development strategy or simply the competition, companies are constantly evolving their applications or creating new ones. Also, they must deliver and perform series of tests more and more frequently and quickly.

Despite the deployment of agile organizations, test teams generally remain at the end of the chain and must perform as many tests as possible in a minimum of time. . In the absence of effective automation solutions, a large number of organizations manually test their applications for which test maintenance remains heavy.

Also, Testers and Developers not having the same objectives and the same schedules, organizational dysfunctions and communication between teams can occur generating productivity losses and delayed releases.

Our proposal is to allow teams that perform manual tests to easily automate to validate their applications. Where testers depend on developers to write tests, test teams become autonomous thanks to Agilitest; this is innovative and responds to a real and general need. It’s even a small revolution in itself !

Christophe CRESSEND, co-founder and President of CAIPTURE

We can see that test budgets are increasing faster than development budgets to respond to changes in applications. Agilitest is the missing link for continuous testing, in an approach of continuous development and deployment of applications.

Emmanuel DUPERRAY, co-founder and CEO

Agilitest has until now allowed end-to-end testing, via a single test scenario, web applications, Windows applications, Android applications and web services. We are pleased to now be able to allow our customers to automate the testing of their iOS applications as well. The main difficulty was for us to implement permanent communication between the iPhone and Agilitest because the Apple ecosystem is particularly closed.

Pierre HUBER, co-founder and Technical Director

The version supporting iOS will be available in October 2019.

About Agilitest

Agilitest, a tool for validation teams, is simple and intuitive, and doesn't require you to know how to code to create and automate tests. It treats simple cases as well as very complex cases.

Présentation de Agilitest
Agilitest interface in situation. HD version available, as well as screenshots.

Agilitest reduces the workload for performing tests during development by allowing testers to quickly create new tests to validate a function, and with each new release.

Agilitest reduces the costs of carrying out and maintaining tests and makes it possible to set up a virtuous circle of regular, easy and painless deliveries. Delivery times are respected and the time-to-market improved while reducing production costs.

Agilitest allows you to create end-to-end cross-tests on web platforms, Windows, Android, iOS and web services. It allows you to edit and execute each step of a test through a very accessible graphical interface. Its capture tool makes it possible to uniquely identify a component, making the tests particularly robust in the face of changes in applications. Added to this are graphical recognition, useful for legacy applications, data variability, the ability to create reusable subscripts and edit PDF, XML and video reports. Due to their open source format, the tests and their video can be run without Agilitest installed, allowing the different protagonists of a project to monitor the proper execution of the tests or immediately understand the reasons for a knockout.

Agilitest integrates with all configuration management and continuous integration systems. Connectors with the XStudio test management tool from the XQual company and the NeoLoad performance test tool from the Neotys company are available. Finally, a connector with the Squash solution from the company Henix is being studied.


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