Agilitest wins third place at Next Innov

July 6, 2022

Paris, France - Jul 6, 2022 - Codeless automation platform Agilitest wins third place at Next Innov, an award ceremony organized by Maddyness and Banque Populaire to celebrate French B2B startups. 

Christophe Cressend, CEO & Co-Founder and Emma Labrador, Chief Marketing Officer at Agilitest

Celebrating French innovation

For the 5th consecutive year, Maddyness and Banque Populaire are launching the Next Innov prize with the ambition of unearthing the most innovative B2B solutions on the market and providing an exclusive insight into the startups that help companies perform every day, whether they offer legal, HR, marketing, productivity or financial or administrative management services and tools. The only conditions: to be a French startup established in France, having already made the proof of concept and a minimum viable product with several users. 

Next Innov’s ambition is then to help startups to find growth relays through innovation or to develop in new markets. But it is also a way to support and reward innovative SMEs and ETIs and to open the doors of a teeming ecosystem, a guarantee of sustainability.

The award is presided over a jury of tech experts (serial entrepreneur Kate Borlongan, former Secretary of State for the Digital Economy Axelle Lemaire, and Eva Sadoun, co-founder and president of, an online investment platform for more ethical finance) and offers winners a financial envelope, as well as Banque Populaire's network of innovative startups and targeted coaching, to help them achieve their development and growth objectives.

Automation and team happiness in the light

Next Innov has recognized Agilitest’s unique functional test automation platform and ability to support development teams’ organization - placing the company in third place.  

“This award is a true recognition from the French startup ecosystem. It highlights the hard work of our teams to push the boundaries of innovation and to offer a robust and intuitive platform to all software testers – whether they have a technical background or not” shares Christophe Cressend, CEO & Co-founder of Agilitest.
Next Innov 2022 winners
From left to right: Agilitest, Polytopoly, Klara and Scop3 representatives

In the software industry, a smooth and enjoyable customer experience is the key to staying competitive. This means no bugs, regularly deployed features and fast availability of customer services. In this context, manual software validation is no longer enough.

When Agilitest’s founders created the platform, they started from an observation: testing software quality was expensive and this task was often performed manually and at the end of the chain by testers who were not valued and integrated into the development process. 

With Agilitest's new approach, the company enables teams to automate functional tests for better visibility of software quality. They bring serenity and peace of mind to development teams, revaluing the tester's job with a solution that is no-code, robust and open source.

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