ALL4TEST integrates AGILITEST into its test automation offering

January 26, 2023

Thursday, January 26, 2023 - ALL4TEST becomes an AGILITEST partner and integrates the no-code test automation tool into its service offering. 

The evolution of software development

Software production has become more industrialized in recent years. Many companies offer tools and methods to bring innovative products to market. However, these agile methods and market expectations require that software be released with increasingly frequent updates. But how do you ensure the overall quality of a software product? How do you avoid the creation of technical debts and bugs? How to avoid regressions with each new version? Industrialization and automation of tests is a solution, but it has become obvious that this is not enough. Who can really guarantee the quality of the software at the end?

All4Test and Agilitest, complementary expertise

Companies with test automation projects have different profiles and needs. Depending on the users (Product Owner, Developer, QA), the tools will be different. ALL4TEST already has an expertise on the test automation frameworks of the market. But these require scripting skills for client-side maintenance. For the latter wishing to maintain these tools by the business (Product Owner / Project Manager), the low-code approach is very interesting in terms of time saving and accessibility. AGILITEST, French editor, offers a relevant tool for this type of project. The no-code tool allows to create, maintain and automate end-to-end functional tests at scale. However, it is still necessary to structure the test and automation strategy and to be accompanied to guarantee the success of a project. It is the role of ALL4TEST to provide this support during the project. Moreover, ALL4TEST remains independent from any editor and does not propose to sell any product. The company must however train its engineers on the main tools of the market and be able to guarantee the success of a test automation project. This is why ALL4TEST joins AGILITEST through this partnership in order to facilitate this approach.

All4Test and quality as a structuring parameter

ALL4TEST is one of the main pure players of software testing in France since 2006. The objective is to improve and guarantee the quality and reliability of software. The quality of a development process must allow us to deliver value and innovation to users on a regular basis, but without sacrificing the quality and reliability of the software over time. With this in mind, ALL4TEST has developed a complete range of services, from design to consulting, including training, as well as many other services in software quality. ALL4TEST offers a global approach to quality called "Quality Engineering" or "Quality By Design" in which quality is natively integrated as a structuring parameter of software design and development. This saves time, energy and efficiency. ALL4TEST also helps its customers to better design, develop and test their applications. 50 engineers are currently working in the PACA region, Ile-de-France, Bordeaux and Lille. ALL4TEST also has a test factory in Nearshore for TRA (Third Party Application Acceptance) projects.

About Agilitest

Thanks to a unique approach to functional test automation, Agilitest offers a global vision of software quality at any time, whether on web, desktop, mobile or webservice technologies. As Agile teams and DevOps integration become the norm, Agilitest provides all software testers - whether they have a technical background or not - with an intuitive and robust way to create, maintain and execute automated functional tests.


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